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Sent: Saturday, October 03, 2015 12:13 PM

Pete, we got our cushions today, they look very nice and fit well. After we break then in for a few days I'll send you a picture. Thanx for getting them here before our company arrives on the 14th. Stephen

From: Nancy Meier Sent: Monday, October 05, 2015 9:48 AM Hi Lindsay... Thank you so much the cushions are great.thank you again.

Hi Pete!  Thank you so much for having the cushions there in perfect timing!  They arrived with one day to spare, as you had promised, so thank you for your efficiency!  The party was a complete hit; with about 40 women, food & margaritas! 

I’m so glad I found you b/c when I’m ready to replace my other cushions, you are the man I will call!  I loved the look & the color.

Thanks again, Pete.    You are THE MAN! 

Jennifer H. Marsh

Senior Account Executive, August 12, 2015


Date: 08/25/15 20:57:10

To: Lindsay@BH-HP.com

Subject: RE: beyond our expectations!!


When we started looking for cushions for our extra large chaise lounges, we didn't have much hope in finding anything close to what you and your company made.  They are exactly what we wanted.  "The stripes all line up" comes out of my husbands mouth!!

Again, thank you for a great job!


John and Terri

 rec 7/24/2015

Hi Pete,

Received my cushions yesterday and they are perfect. Just want to thank you for getting them to me before the Bridal Shower (less than 2 weeks). You are awesome and I am a very happy customer...

Maria Mosesson


Date: 8/3/2015 10:20:04 PM

To: Lindsay

I’m sorry I’m just now emailing you regarding my order, but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for expediting our order to reach us before the arrival of our guests.  The cushions arrived in time and fit our set beautifully.  I’m so impressed with the fit and superior quality of these replacement cushions.  We, along with our guests thoroughly enjoyed many evenings sitting out on the patio during their stay.  Thank you again for coming through on this delivery, I know these will last for a long time – they may even outlast the chairs themselves, but I won’t hesitate to re-order if/when the time comes, and would highly recommend your company to anyone looking to purchase replacement cushions! 

Thank you again, 
Margie Maxwell

 From: Giovanni

Date: 7/15/2015 11:19:58 PM

Subject: RE: Your order has shipped

Sorry for this delayed response, but we were away while the umbrella was delivered. We just picked it up from our neighbor who kept it for safe keeping and it looks great. I’m extremely satisfied with its quality, especially the tilt mechanism and cloth color/quality.



 Date: 7/20/2015 10:06:46 AM
Subject: Re: Your order has shipped
Thanks Lindsay they arrived Friday and we love them. Regards,




From: Barbara Lecuona
Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2015 11:22 AM
Subject: Re: Your Cushion Order Has Shipped!

Hello Lindsay,  

I wanted to let you know that the cushions arrived yesterday and they are perfect!  Our weather is not very nice right now, but I will send a picture soon. Also, I thought I could get away with not replacing two other sets of cushions, but now I must!   

Can you help me with a color match?  I would like to do a solid color if there is one that matches the darker stripe in this order?  If there is one, can you let me know what it is, and then I'll get the dimensions of my other chairs.  Thanks very much for such great service! 

Have a Great Day! 
Barbara Lecuona


Date: 7/22/2015 3:11:53 PM

To: Lindsay@BH-HP.com

Subject: Re: Your order has shipped


Hi Lindsay... I was away on vacation and 

Just got home to see the cushions... Just 

Want to let you know they came out great.. 

And the fit is perfect... Thank you 

Kim Rothenberg


Date: 7/20/2015 8:14:39 AM

To: Lindsay@BH-HP.com

Subject: Re: Your order has shipped



We received the cushion on Friday and they fit perfect.  Not only that, but they look amazing and definitely make our chairs more comfortable and welcoming.  I appreciate all of your help in making this possible.


Rob Pryor



I just received my new cushions for my Miramar patio furniture.  They are
fabulous!  The cushions are well made and fit my furniture perfectly.  They
are much nicer than the cushions that had originally come with the set when
we bought it 5 years ago.  The colors look beautiful with the backdrop of
the lake.  Thank you for your excellent service.

Lori Borgen 5/30/2014

From: Ronnye Johnson
Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 4:50 PM
Subject: Re: Cushion Order Confirmation

Received the cushions today. They are beautiful and very well made. . 

Thank you. 


Follow up email bleow.

From: Barbara Lecuona
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 1:35 PM
Subject: Re: Patio-Furniture-Cushions.com

Hi Lindsay! 

My husband is trying to convince me that I don't need them, (haha) so I'm dragging my feet a little.  I'm relatively sure I will be ordering them, but it probably won't be for another few weeks.

In the meantime, I do have a question.  My current cushions are very good Sunbrella that have lasted 12 years (the only issue with them is I just can't get them clean enough at this point).  I think I bought them at a garden store, and the seat bottoms are custom fit to the chair (not squared off corners in the front, but on an arc to accommodate the arms).  Is there a way to match this even though I don't know what collection they were from?

Also, attached is a photo of my other 12-14 year old very worn cushions and photos of the two new ones! 

The cushions are beautiful, comfortable, and your customer service is excellent.  Delivery was faster than I ever though it would be.  Thank you!

Thanks again for all of your help! 

Barbara Lecuona


 Hi Lindsay

Rec'd 12/25/2014

Here's a picture of our new cushions. I wanted to thank you again for all your help and getting these to us so quickly. I will definitely spread the word of how pleased I am with your assistance and and the product!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! 

Davina Tyree 



Sent: Friday, December 12, 2014 2:08 PM


Hi Lindsay,

Cushions have arrived ! I don't own a digital camera so pics are not possible. Please take my word for it....your people did an outstanding job ! I am very pleased. I do have one comment or suggestion and that is packaging. Although my product arrived w/o damage, I can see where the plastic could very easily be torn and the possibility of product damage is very likely. I would have preferred receiving my order via a cardboard box. I know the shipping cost may go up for you, but at the high cost of custom cushions....the added protection would be worth it. Thank you again for walking me through the order process. Obviously my understanding of the language used in ordering cushions was lacking to say the least. You did a great job and I really appreciate your expertise, your professionalism and more importantly your people skills !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !



I'm not sure if you will be able to receive this but if you do just wanted to let you know that the cushion is fabulous!  The quality is amazing. Thank you for pleasantly surprising me...it doesn't happen often when ordering on-line!  
Kristen Frey

What great cushions! After 3 summers of use, they are still like new. They dry quickly after a rain, and they fit snugly on our chairs. We would have had to buy a new set without these beautiful new cushions! Thanks so much, Carol and Gary Meinke
 They are beautiful and are a perfect fit. –Susan Clay

Hi Pete and Khristina,

It rained yesterday and the cushions are mostly dry today. I am sitting on them as we speak.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the work you both have done to making this work.  You stand behind your product and put customer satisfaction first.  It is a pleasure to work with a company that goes the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect.  Thank you again for all your efforts to make things right.  I look forward to many years of enjoying my beautiful patio furniture.


Hello! I ordered cushions from Khristina who was wonderful! Ordered last Tuesday and received perfect cushions today (Tuesday of the next week!) - sunbrella fabrics are incredible, I ordered the same pattern three or four years ago, they have been washed and used extensively and the new cushions (I added a chair and hassock)still match perfectly! Thank you so much, I would recommend you to everyone needing replacement cushions! Worth every penny. 
Colleen Lundin's
All I can say is WOW! The outdoor cushions look great and they fit perfectly. -
Garnett Copeland

Thank you so much. I could not be happier with the cushions. They are beautiful, a perfect fit, and so comfortable. The quality is impeccable and I will recommend you to many. Receiving them in less than 14 days after ordering is phenomenal.
-Diane Wilson

Hi Pete and Khristina,

It rained yesterday and the cushions are mostly dry today. I am sitting on them as we speak.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the work you both have done to making this work.  You stand behind your product and put customer satisfaction first.  It is a pleasure to work with a company that goes the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect.  Thank you again for all your efforts to make things right.  I look forward to many years of enjoying my beautiful patio furniture.


 HI there awesome cushion team!!!

My new cushions are FANTASTIC!!  Love them... well crafted and simply perfect!
Thanks again for the awesome chaise cushions... they are lovely!

Leiann Noel 6/9/14
BBS Buying Group

Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2014 6:19 PM
To: Khristina

All I can say is GORGEOUS!!!  The cushions are perfect and I am so happy I decided to do it.
They look absolutely stunning.  Your company is the best. Thank you!

Lynne Frazier


Thank you for the wonderful job that you did in my order. I will recommend you to anyone that needs cushions!
Rose Herron 6/6/14


We received the cushions.  They fit the chairs really well and the color is great.  I can say anytime I order anything from your company it will always be right.
Linda 07/12/13

So excited to see the rest of the cushions, I adore the chaise lounge cushions, so when the rest of the set arrives I will be anxious to see it all put together. Now if we can only get some warmer weather I can bring out all the deck furniture. Thanks for letting me know all is on the way. I will track it from here.

I also want to thank you Khristina, for such amazing customer service. It is rare today to find someone as dedicated to their job. I will recommend using your company and you specifically should any friends be in the market for your products and services.
Many thanks,

Hey Khristina - got the cushions. They are gorgeous!! They fit perfect - thanks so much - what a great experience!  I'll certainly recommend you guys to friends! Denise Roberts

 Khristina -

Thank you so much for getting our cushions to us by our requested date. They fit perfectly. I will definitely recommend your company to friends and family!


 Hi Khristina - the cushions arrived and they are just perfect. And what quality!!! Thank you so much. You and your company were so helpful and so communicative. If you ever need a customer reference you have it. Carol Estrella 


The cushions arrived and they all fit perfectly! I am extremely happy with your company's work.They look really nice. Also I was very impressed with how quickly you were able to complete my order.


Thank you so much for all your help. Please tell Pete that I said thank you.
Maria Neel

 Carol Meinke's VCF from your webpage.

What great cushions! After 3 summers of use, they are still like new. They dry quickly after a rain, and they fit snugly on our chairs. We would have had to buy a new set without these beautiful new cushions! Thanks so much,
Carol and Gary Meinke

My cushions arrived and they are gorgeous and love them!!!

 I will tell everyone about your company!!!
Thank you again!! 

Cathe Green
Texins Lake Texoma Club

 Hi Khristina...

Sorry I am so long in writing to you, but want you to know that the cushions were delivered last week. I am very happy with them. They fit perfectly and are of excellent quality and workmanship. My little patio has a whole new, bright look. It was very nice working with you.

Have a great summer,
Maureen Niemczyk


 Just wanted to let you know how wonderful the cushions are. I love them! Great craftsmanship!!!! We will be using your company again!

Thanks so much! Our dogs are not even allowed to look at the patio furniture lol!

Sent from the
iPhone of Mrs. Lisa S. Barker

 Thank you Kristina,

We went to pick up the cushions.
Very good quality.
Its the perfect fit for our outdoor furniture.
Thank you for everything
Julie Belanger and Denis Robert Elias
Sherbrooke, Quebec

Date: 4/24/2012 
Hi Khristina,
Sorry I haven't responded sooner.
Yes, we received our new cushions on 4/17 as you had indicated.
In spite of the fact that these replacement cushions were more expensive than we were had first predicted, we are thrilled with your product. The quality, look, and fit is fantastic!!
We will recommend you to friends and family, and will be in touch with you in the future.
Thanks so much.
Regards, Mario and Donna


 Hi Khristina,

The cushion shipment arrived today. They look great on my chairs. I am very pleased. Thank you for your help and guidance during the ordering process. I'm also happy to receive the order in 2 weeks as promised.

Thanks again, Diane


 Dear Khristina,

Wow! The steamer cushions are lovely and they fit perfect on the chairs. I cannot believe how fast you were able to make them and send them to me. We are looking forward to the summer so we can relax so comfortably in our back yard.

Kind regards,
Gina Skey


I just wanted to let you know that I have received the replacement cushion that you sent and to thank you for such wonderful service. I was so disappointed when one of the beautiful cushions that you sent was damaged but one phone call to you took care of the problem with absolutely no problem. Now I'm a happy camper. The new cushions are truly lovely and they make a huge difference on my patio. Your customer service is quite commendable and very rare these days.

Thank you,

Pamilla Beeson

Rec'd 8/11/11

The cushions are perfect! Thank you for the excellent customer service and quick delivery!
Denise Corcoran
Rec'd 8/11/11
You did a wonderful job covering 3 chairs, an ottoman, and settee for me last year. I still have not sent you the
pictures I promised; but I will (eventually). Could you send me a catalog and price list for covers for my outdoor
furniture. You should have the sizes, if not ~ please let me know. Thanks. Lenora Andre

Rec'd 7/26/11

Hi Pete,

Just wanted to let you know we have our cushions back and they are great, nice workmanship, thanks!
Rusty Callihan

Hello! I ordered cushions from Khristina who was wonderful! Ordered last Tuesday and received perfect cushions today (Tuesday of the next week!) - sunbrella fabrics are incredible, I ordered the same pattern three or four years ago, they have been washed and used extensively and the new cushions (I added a chair and hassock)still match perfectly! Thank you so much, I would recommend you to everyone needing replacement cushions! Worth every penny. 

Colleen Lundin
Lakeville, Massachusetts


Rec'd 6/9/11
Donna Swanay's VCF from your webpage.
I just picked up my cushions for my front porch furniture. I absolutely love them!! I had no idea how much better my house would look with updated furniture cushions. Do you save my measurements for future orders?
We sure do Donna!

Rec'd 6/3/2011

Hi, Khristina,
I received the cushions today--much sooner than I had expected, and they are gorgeous. In addition to fitting the chairs perfectly, they are so cushy that give my 80-year-old housemate who has painful arthritis a comfortable seat to enjoy the deck and our mountain views. The 5-inch cushion gives the seat enough height that she can get up without assistance!
Thanks for such great craftsmanship and for considerate customer service.
Julie Story
Rec'd 6/3/2011
Thank You!!!
Wow fast service and all ok
I applaud your team !!!!!!!

Rec"d 5/21/11
Hi Khristina and Pete, Can't believe how beautiful and well made these cushions are. They fit perfectly and are worth every penny. We have more wrought iron patio pieces in the barn and when we need cushions for them some day, we wouldn't consider ordering from anyone one other than you. Thanks for a high quality and lovely product. The delivery time from our order confirmation to doorstep was astounding. Have a great summer. Thanks to you---our summer will be greatly enhanced. All Best, Eva and Kip Sheridan

Rev'd 5/21/11
Hi Pete,
Our cushions arrived in great condition, and they are beautiful! Thanks so much for your guidance through this process and the lovely product. Now, if we could only get some spring weather so that I could put them on the patio. We still had snow flurries yesterday. Yuk! So much for global warming. Bring it on, I am sick of winter!!


Date: 5/6/2011 10:34:49
Hi Kristina!
My cushions arrived yesterday and I was surprised and how fast my order was filled and shipped!! I love the fabric and the quality is top notch. They fit perfectly, thanks to your help!!!!
Thanks again!!!!
Jill Bourquin
Rec'd 4/23/2011
Pete &: Kristina...
THanks again,
Rec'd 4/23/2011
Hello Pete,
I finally managed to put the pictures together for you. The patio cushions
really look great 
Thanks again for the very fast delivery, that and the good quality is much
Best regards,
(P.S. see Barbara's photos in photo section).
Rec'd 4/11/2011

Love my cushions!!Ordered 10 cushions on a Thursday and the next Thursday
they were delivered to my house in Georgia. Excellent cushions, fit great on PVC
furniture and also Ron, who I ordered from was very professional. The customer
service was great. Web-site is also very nice. Gwenette Farmer
Rec'd 4/2/2011
We have enjoyed the cushions that you made for us a couple of years so much
that when we ordered a new outdoor dining set, we have decided to order the
cushions from you rather than Restoration Hardware.  We will need 6 chair
cushions for the Antibes dining chairs sold by Restoration Hardware.  I will
also need a large bench cushion made to match the dining room chairs.  
The bench should be built in the next 1-2 weeks.  I plan on scanning in a
picture with exact measurements asap.  It is approximately 12 feet long. 
I would like to know if you have any outdoor high quality solid color material
in a slate gray or blue gray color. Also, can you give me an estimate on the
dining chair cushions.
Thanks, Maria Cruse

Rec'd 3/23/11
I received my cushions and they are beautiful.  Thank you so much for all
your help and for getting them to me so quickly.  I am so pleased.

Cynthia Carroll
Warrenton, VA

Rec'd 3/17/11

Dear Pete:
We love our new cushions.  Today was an unseasonably warm day in Chicago. 
We unpacked a chair cushion set and the chaise lounge cushion.  You did a
great job!  Thank you very much.  We look forward to receiving the umbrella. 
It might be a good idea to contact us prior to shipping,   I wouldn't want something
that large on my front lawn,  Haha. 
Thanks again.
Tom and Marianne Kelly

Rec'd 2/14/11

We love these cushions!!!!!
It has been a full year and they have been exposed to our harsh New Orleans
weather on the top floor patio of a 4 story building in the French Quarter.  They
have stood up well and dry quickly.
Unfortunately a very friendly one year old Labrador playing on the patio jumped
on the chaise lounge and his nails tore a few small (~1in in diam) holes in the
fabric.  The holes are too large to just mend.  Can I order a half yard of the
matching fabric (B290) so I can patch these holes?
Please advise.
Thanks much,
Cathy, I found enough scraps material in our sample room, should be enough to
sew into the tears. Use a nylon thread. Let me know if you need additional help.

Rec'd 9/20/20
Dear Pete:

My cushions were delivered on Saturday, I'm so happy with them!
They are georgeous!  They look better than the picture and they fit perfectly. 
And the skirt to cover the coils works perffectly also.  Thank you so much for
taking care of me.  I felt so comfortable with your company after talking to you.
Camille Harrington

Rec'd 9/10/10
Hey Ya'll!
I just got my FABULOUS new cushions for the chairs that I bought form Grandin Road. Loved the chairs, not their cushions....But, Ya'll had the perfect thing. I am sending you a picture so you can admire your handy work. The oooos and ahhhhs are pouring in with every visit from friends. Navy is my signature color...so the cushions are a hit! Thank you so much for getting them here so fast and also a Big Thank you for sending them Fed-Ex. When they deliver things I am assured that the packaging will be in great shape and, hence forth the items inside. Not so with 'other' carriers. I can not tell you how pleased I am with the cushions!!!
Thank you so much!!!
Georganne Williams
Panama City, Florida 

Our customer Robin has a problem and communicated
to us after
receiving a email with the following in the
subject line. Please read the communication between us.
Would you like to have “perfect” cushions
for your patio furniture?

Dear Pete:

Just a little FYI -- 

I don't mean to be a party-pooper, but as nice LOOKING as my cushions were,
I guess I wouldn't call them "perfect" and here is why... My Brown Jordan set
has very deep, boxy cushions.  Brown Jordan's cushions retain their shape
and stiffness for a long time, whereas my PFC cushions feel softer, a little
under-stuffed, and as result, look floppier now than they should. Everything
else was good, but I think they should have been firmer/ stiffer/ maybe a
different core.

 The thinner cushions you made for my other patio sets are GREAT.


 From: PETE
Sent: Aug 16, 2010 1:32 PM
To: RobinJareaux 

Hi Robin,
Well I cannot let you go on thinking we are not perfect so we may have
to send you foam and batting to re-stuff the cushions. Sometimes the
grade of foam or batting will vary in density and unfortunately we can't
see the variance when the product is new. The only way we find out is
when someone sends us an email or calls. Is it possible to send a picture
of one of the cushions and also let me know which order, I believe it is the
Antique beige with Kona Welt and vice versa.
I remember some of these are are vacation homes so if necessary we can
do this after the season ends.
Please let me know so we can be perfect again!!
Thank you,
From: Robin
Date: 8/16/2010 8:00:42 AM
Pete, your relentless pursuit of perfection is a most appealing
quality. Yes, I will take a photo for you... thanks so much



Just wanted to let you know that my cushions arrived last
Saturday, less than a week after I ordered them.  I am very
happy with them, they seem well-constructed and sturdy.  
They fit my chairs perfectly and look great.  Thanks!

Ribello Bertoni
Whitehall, PA


Hi Khristina,
Received my umbrella on Friday.  It is working fine and hopefully will continue
to do so.  Thank you for your prompt service.  I am glad that you and Pete were
able to help me on this.  Now I have a complete set again and enjoying all the
years with it.  My patio is a lovely addition to my home and my best therapy for
reading and entertaining.  Thanks again.


Our ten-year-old Homecrest patio set has a new life with our beautiful striped
cushions.  They not only look great, but are very comfortable and dry quickly
after a rain.  We love 'em!

Carol Meinke


I am “THRILLED” with the cushions you made for me.  They fit perfectly.  I will
send you a picture of them as soon as we do.  I plan to put them on my
screened-in porch which is off our MBR. Thank you again for all your help
in deciding what to put on these five (5) pieces of wrought iron furniture my
husband had purchased for me from a ‘local’ junk store!  One man’s ‘junk’
is another’s ‘treasures’; and I am sure we will enjoy them for many years to
come.  They look FABULOUS!!!!!

 Lenora André

Aug 2 2010

My cushion order arrived safely and I must say the turn around time was
 nothing short of exceptional!

The cushions look fantastic and I look forward to spending many hours
relaxing on the porch on our glider enjoying them. Thank you all for such
quality service and product. Attached is photo of our glider with the new
Feel free to share with your customers.
Thank you,

August 2nd 2010

Hi Pete! The cushions are beautiful.  I am so thankful I didn't decide to just
throw my rattan furniture to the curb and get couches.  The quality of the
cushions is fantastic!  I love them.  Thank you for all of your patience with
measurements and pictures---I truly appreciate all of your help, and I am
thrilled with the results.  Take care.  Dana Slencsak

July 28th, 2010

Hi Pete,

The words "amazingly beautiful" hardly describe our new cushions and umbrella
, but it is a start.  Never, ever did we imagine the glider would look so nice!  We
are so happy we decided to go ahead with it.  You are the best!  The lattice is
working out perfectly!  Thank you so much.

 We will send a photo by this weekend!   I think next summer we will paint the
frame, just wanted to wait to match the fabric colors.  Love...love...the fabric! 
Wow, Sally
P.S.  Will you send the web address you directed me to with the photo of the
Bunting glider frame only that was selling for $500.00.  Want to show it to
our kids.  Thanks again, Pete.

July 19, 2010

We received the cushions Saturday, only four days after we ordered them! 
They fit well, are very well made, and look great.   Thanks so much for helping
us renew our 10-year-old Homecrest patio chairs.  Your company is a pleasure
to work with.
Carol Meinke
Aitkin, MN

July 19, 2010

Love my new cushions.  The quality is superb.
Anne Shell
Dinwddie, VA 
.July 17th, 2010
Yesterday, I received the cushions you made for me.
They look great!
Your speed in delivering the finished product was amazing.  Two weeks and
two days from order to arrival at my front door - SUPER.
Thank you.

Suzanne Bassett

June 15th, 2010

Hi Khristina,

I was surprised and delighted to see the cushions being delivered
Saturday morning – way ahead of schedule! Please tell Pete how
glad I am with the product and the service. I don’t think I ever
ordered anything custom made that delivered within one week
– you guys are amazing!

Thanks again.

June 21st, 2010

Thank you so much.  I could not  be happier with the cushions.  They are beautiful, 
 a perfect fit and so comfortable.  The quality is impeccable and I will
recommend you to many.  

Receiving them in less than 14 days after ordering is phenomenal. 

Have a great summer. Mine will be much better now that I can truly enjoy
my deck in comfortable and attractive seating.

Diane Wilson

June 8th, 2010
Hi Pete!
The cushions arrived yesterday!  They look great.  We'll take pictures and
send them to you as soon as the sun comes out again.  Good thing I bought
covers, too!
Thanks for the great work and the expediency in which it was done!
Sandy Sato.

May 3rd, 2010

Pete...I just had to email and tell you how thrilled we are with the cushions.  
They are PERFECT..100% better than the ones that came with the furniture! 
 We love them and have been so impressed with your service...they came in
one week!  I will take a picture and email it to you.  Once again thanks and
I am telling everyone about your website.

April 24th, 2010

Received the love seat cushions a week sooner than expected.  The  quality
of the workmanship is definitely reflected in the fit of the cushions. The back
cushions had to be customized and they fit better than the original ones.

Richard Skovenski
April 29, 2010
Dear Pete,
A big thank you to you and your company for sending some fabric like the
cushions that we ordered.  It arrived today and will make a good match.
We surely appreciate your quick reponse. The damage done by some
"critter" can now be fixed and we can continue to enjoy our new patio
We will recommend your company to our friends.
We again thank you,
Bud & Pat Petersen

April 22nd 2010
Hi Pete, I am really late for work, but the most important thing
I had to do today was send you a note to tell you I got my
cushions and....THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I cannot
believe how great they look! I am so excited to put them out
on the deck and show them off.  I have wanted to use this
furniture for years and  now we've done it! Thank you so much
for all your help and the beautiful job you did.  I told my kids
they were too nice for teenagers...they could use the plastic
stuff, and they just looked at me with shocked faces!  Just
kidding....I might let them sit on them one day out of the week!  
Will send pictures in the near future to show you how pretty
they look!   I am telling everyone how fantastic you are. 
Thanks again   Deb Ryba
Date: 4/15/2010 7:58:02 PM
Subject: Re: Cushion order

got my cushions today. They look great and are nicely made. Thanks for all
your help! 
Ernestine Carmack  

Rec'd 3/17/10

Pete, they look great. Thank you so much for all your help! I don't want to put
them on til I know the rainy season has passed. Once I do, I'll send pictures.
Thanks again! 

Kathy Tinsley


Rec 3/10/10

Thank you for sending the new "classic royal" cushion covers.  We have not
placed them on the cushions yet but will be heading to RI soon to do so.  The
welting looks terrific!  Your service has been outstanding--thank you.  Are
 you or Wendy able to suggest any matching fabrics/patterns to order throw
Jane'd 3/9/10


Rec'd 12/25/09

I hope you have a great Holiday. Thanks
for everything you've done for us, and we
will probably look at your site
for some other stuff in a few weeks.

     Take care.


Merry Christmas back to you!
I believe it was a year ago (maybe two!)
that I ordered new cushions for mypatio
furniture. They are still beautiful!  Very
good fabric for outdoors. (Thereis a roof,
but open on one side of patio and they
get sun and rain). They have not
faded a bit. Thank you. Lucy Burris

 rec'd 12/14/09

Let me just say my chaise lounge cushions are beautiful.  Every seam is perfect,
every welt evenly spaced, the cushions firm, and the fabric matched perfectly
to the other pieces I had.  Your work is impeccable.   It’s rained the last week,
so I have been unable to place the cushions on the teak  chaise lounges…
but the minute it dries up and gets sunny, I will take a photo for your website.
  Needless to say…they are perfect.

Now to get to the next set of business.  I need 8 dining cushions – 3” thick, 
I’d like to cover them with antique beige with a natural welt

Thanks loads,

Margie Foster, happy customer
Happy Holidays to you, Pete!
Our furniture is safely covered,waiting for the blizzard we are expecting!
We always think of you and the beautiful *re-life* your folks gave our
redwood furniture!
Best for the New Year!!!
Stephanie Payne
Hi Pete,
I wanted to let you know our cushions arrived yesterday, and I popped
them on the chairs today.They are lovely!! I am so very happy with them.
Thank you for the great work/service/fast ship...
I wanted to remind you to please remember to include the offer below we
discussed (free cushion or the 2nd Black Monday 20% off all) on my invoice.
I will definitely be coming back to you in the New year for more cushions
(the other set I have) and am looking forward to using some of the
savings on this order for the next lot (and I am pretty sure I will do
Sunbrella on those).
I believe my husband (even though he's a guy and not into the "girly" thing)
really likes them as well. Just Gorgeous, and a very nice Christmas present
and surprise.Please send a copy of the invoice via e-mail. And, I am looking
forward to working with you again>
Thanks so very much. Have a great Holiday and
speak with you into the New year.
Best Regards,


From: E.Carmack
Date: 4/15/2010 7:58:02 PM
got my cushions today. They look great and are nicely made. Thanks for
all your help! 
Ernestine Carmack 

Rec'd 12/14/09


Rec'd 11/29/09

Hi Pete,
The cushions are waiting to be sent to St. Croix. I must compliment you on
the excellent  job. My husband and I are very pleased and can't wait to sit
on them.

Rec'd 11/20/09



Rec'd 9/10/09
Just a note to let you know that I could not be happier with your cushions! The
quality and construction are supurb. The marine grade fabric is completely
waterproof. Now I no longer have to run outside and cover all my furniture
when it rains. I appreciate the wonderful job you do. Thanks so much,
Marianne Ross

Rec'd 9/2/09
This is of two-fold purpose.
1.  The glider cushions are GORGEOUS!!!! They fit perfectly and we have
had soooooo many compliments on them.  I have given your web address
to quite a few people.

Thank you ever so much for a wonderful job!
2.  Is it possible to get a small swatch of the fabric you used to make
my cushions?  We would like to paint the glider in the lighter shade of
the cream color in those cushions.  With a small swatch I can go to
Lowe's and have the color matched perfectly.
Once again, THANK YOU!  We truly enjoy the glider.
Joyce A. Venables

Rec'd 8/31/09
Wendy / Pete
Steamer cushions are fabulous – many thanks for your efficient service
and quality craftsmanship.
I am looking to place another order with
you for 4 cushions for our outside dining chairs. Simple rectangle at
16” x 16” x 3”deep. I was looking at D471 Citron, but cannot find this
in the Sunbrella lineup of colors. Another option would be Sunbrella

Rec'd 8/31/09
Thanks Pete for all of your help in ordering my glider cushions.  The glider
is from at least the 1930's and had  an irregular shape.  You  were a lot of
help.  The cushions came quickly.  The materials and construction
were A++++.  I couldn't be more happy with them and I would recommend
this company to anyone.  Thanks again.

Jennifer Luntzel

Date: 8/10/2009 2:00:07 PM
Hi Wendy
Thank you so much. The cushions came Friday. I was amazed how
fast they arrived. I've order stock items from catalogs that didn't come
in for 8-10 days.  

They are perfect
Judy D.

Rec'd 8/10/09

The cushions are great!  Thanks so much for all your ideas and
help with this order. My furniture looks like new, and the fit
is perfect. 

Best wishes,


Rec'd 8/4/09
Hi Pete,
Just got my cushions yesterday and they are beautiful.  I put them on the glider
and they look so nice.  When my children get home from vacation I will see if
they can take a photo and send it to you. Thanks for being so helpful and I'm
glad that I got the matching pattern of material that goes with all my other
things outside. They are also so much lighter and easier to manage than
my old ones.  I was glad to throw those ugly things away.

                                                                                   Thanks again              
                                                                                 Rebecca Murphy

Rec'd 7/27/09
We have received our cushions and are very pleased with the
quality and workmanship.
They are superior to the Malin original
cushions and are more comfortable.

Thank you
Ray L. Dicasali

Rec'd 7/23/09
I want to thank you for the super quick production and delivery of my
custom order. It arrived way ahead of schedule and the cushions look
great. I would have sent this sooner but it has taken me a while to get
a new computer shaped the way I like it. If anyone asks I will refer
them to you

Larry McKeen

Rec'd 7/20/09
Dear Wendy and Gang,
 I can't thank you enough for the beautiful cushions for my daughter's Bridal
Shower..... May God continue to bless you and all you do and most of all for
your kindness, Deborah

Rec'd 7/18/09
I had ordered a cushion for my bench that you all did for me.  Absolutely love it! 
I have three barstools with the screw on cushions.  I was wondering if it was
possible to send those to you & have them recovered in the Vanilla Sandona
(B272)? Is this something you all would do?

Thank you,
Joanne Weeks

Rec'd 7/1709
Hi Pete - Just want to tell you how happy I am with the cushions. They fit
perfectly and I love the color. Thanks a million - Allegra Colapietro

From: Dot Holland
Date: 7/16/2009 3:10:44 PM

Wendy, the cushions have arrived and they are just wonderful! 
Thank you so much -- can't wait until my husband sees them. 
Please tell Peter thank you for us.  We're having a number of
people over this weekend and I'm so excited to show them off.

Rec'd 7/14/09
Hi Wendy -
Received your four covers several weeks ago and am quite
satisfied with them.
Easy on / off - look good and do not stick
at all to our furniture with hot TX sun.
I believe my neighbor may
be in touch with you getting covers also.
Many thanks for a very
good value quality product.
Geoff Riley
Hi Mary,
No worries, the cushions can get wet, they are made for
outdoors. If they get thoroughly soaked just put them on the
edge to dry faster.
Rec'd 7/11/09
Hi:  Thanks so much for the #205 in B203 Tomato Stripe
cushions you made for me. They are lovely and fit my furniture
perfectly.  The coordinating fabric you shipped made up
beautifully to fit my dinette set.
I do have a question about the filler inside the 205's.  Do
I have to worry about these cushions getting wet?  When I
unzipped the cushion, the filler didn't appear to be the same
outdoor filler which I'm accustomed.  Please advise care for
my cushions as they are for outdoor use and I'm sure they
will at some point get caught in the rain ( no matter how
hard I try to be on top of the forcast)!
Mary Goedeker



Greetings Pete,
Just a follow-up note to let you know the coverlet for our chaise
pillow arrived today and it fits to a tee. As usual, your product is
beautifully made and exactly what we wanted.
Many thanks for your great service. We so appreciate it.
Jody Wise and Dan Fallon


Let me just say my chaise lounge cushions are beautiful.  Every seam
is perfect, every welt evenly spaced, the cushions firm, and the fabric
matched perfectly to the other pieces I had.  Your work is impeccable. 
 It’s rained the last week, so I have been unable to place the cushions
on the teak chaise lounges…but the minute it dries up and gets sunny 
 I will take a photo for your website.  Needless to say…they are perfect.
Now to get to the next set of business.  I need 8 dining cushions – 3” thick, 
I’d like to cover them with antique beige with a natural welt.  
Thanks loads,
Margie Foster, happy customer

Let me just say my chaise lounge cushions are beautiful.  Every seam
is perfect, every welt evenly spaced, the cushions firm, and the fabric
matched perfectly to the other pieces I had.  Your work is impeccable.  
 It’s rained the last week, so I have been unable to place the cushions
on the teak chaise lounges…but the minute it dries up and gets sunny,
I will take a photo for your website.  Needless to say…they are perfect.
Now to get to the next set of business.  I need 8 dining cushions –
3” thick,  I’d like to cover them with antique beige with a natural welt. 
Thanks loads,
Margie Foster, happy customer


Rec'd 7/10/09

Hi Pete,
We just got the cushions today and to say we're thrilled would be an
understatement!  They are GORGEOUS, not to mention very well made,
thick, durable, superior craftsmanship.  We could not be happier with them. 
Thank you for all your assistance and advise in the process - we will refer
all our friends and family to you!
Warmest Regards,
Doug & Valeigh Davis
Photos below

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Hi Wendy and Pete-
I just got back from our lake house and had to let you know how WONDERFUL
the cushions look!  Thank you so very much!!!  I have told everyone I know about
you and your fabulous cushions!  The new cushions make our beloved old lake
house look so fresh and charming ... thank you again!
I am actually planning to purchase a few more cushions ... I find myself looking
at any cushions we have and thinking how great replacements from you would look! :)
I will be in touch soon!  Thanks again!
My best-
Patti Carver

Rec'd 6/30/09

Wendy & Pete, The cushions arrived today, They improved the look of the
glider 100% . You guys did a great job!!! Thanks. I'll try to get my son to
send you a picture. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!



Rec'd 6/28/09

Please call Mary at work during regular CDT week day hours at xxx xxx xxxx.  
I would like to order two 16" throw pillows, pattern 0465 Fern Onyx to match
the cushions we bought last year.   We love our cushions, by the way!
John & Mary  Holbrook

Rec'd 6/27/09

The cushions arrived yesterday--they are beautiful!  Thank you so much
for the quick turnaround--I never really expected them in time for the 4th. 
I am going to try to attach some pictures of them.  Again--thank you so
much--I will be recommending you to anyone who needs new cushions.

Rec'd 6/24/09

Thank you!  The cushions arrived yesterday and we LOVE them!!  The quality
is wonderful and the suggestion Pete made for the wine pillows and cording
just adds pizazz.  They fit our furniture perfectly too. 
Diane Wortington

Rec'd 6/17/09
Hi Wendy 
just wanted to let you know that I received the cushions.  They are FABULOUS!! 
I must admit, that I'm proud of my little self for measuring just right!  Thanks
again for ALL YOUR HELP.  They arrived just in time for my mother to sit on
that beautiful chair outside her guest room on the patio!  :)

Diane (Tuton)

Rec'd 6/13/09
Hello -
I just received my four high-back replacement cushions, and I love them!  I
would like to order a couple of chaise cushions to match, but my dimensions
are different from the ones you offer.  Would it be possible for you to make
#2274 hinged at 44" (so that the back is 30" high) instead of at 48"?  If so,
is there an additional cost?

Thank you,
Susan Kaufmann
Rec'd 6/10/09
Hello Pete , Just received my new cushions, they came out perfect my wife
loves them. Thanks for all your help please thank Wendy as well.

Rec'd 5/29/09
Dear Pete,

Sunny greetings from Barbados!
We received the cushions a couple of weeks ago but only opened the boxes this morning. 
They fit perfectly!
Thanks and I hope that you have a GREAT weekend!

Little Arches Hotel
Enterprise Beach Road
Christ Church
Telephone | 1-(246) 420-4689   Fax | 1-(246) 418-0207
E-mail |
paradise@littlearches.com Web | www.littlearches.com

Rec'd 5/20/09
 Hi Wendy,
Would you please let Pete know we received the cushions and they are exactly
what we were looking for in terms of thickness, firmness, and pattern -- and
they came so quickly! Could you ask Pete if we could make for me a 52" x 70"
tablecloth in the pattern B228 Garden Scroll.
Thanks Maureen

Rec'd 5/19/09
Hi Pete,
I received the cushions last week, they are beautiful.  Thanks so much.  Carle

Rec'd 5/19/09

Pete, Don't know how you guys got them here so fast, but they are here, and with
plenty of time to spare. Can't think of another place which could have turned these
out in a week, including delivery to the west coast to boot. They look great too.
Just what we were looking for. My wife said, "you better get on the horn and thank
that guy Pete at the cushion place". So I am doing just that. From reading your
customer feedback my experience is nothing new, but it never hurts to hear it
again. Thanks Richard and Kelly


Rec'd 5/12/09

 Received my cushions yesterday. They are perfect! Thank you for the quick work.

Rec'd 5/4/09
I got pillows today sooner than expected and I just wanted to tell you how great they
are.  The black welt on the black and white stripe looks really sharp.  The three inch
thick cushions are comfortable.  They fit my chairs perfectly.  Thanks!
Deborah Held

Rec'd 5/4/09

Good morning Pete!
This email is to inform you the cushions look fabulous!!! Quality is superb. 
I refinished the chairs over the weekend, anxiously unwrapped the cushions,
and viola. Absolutely perfect fit, fabric and style.  Very 30's!!!!
Thank you again,
Denise Landi a very satisfied customer

Rec'd 4/25/09

Dear Pete,
Thank you so much for the beautiful cushions and outstanding customer service.  You
contacted me on a Sunday and answered my questions.  On Monday the order was
confirmed.  On Thursday the cushions arrived!!!  The fabric is beautiful and durable.  
The inserts are beefy, yes very comfortable.  From start to finish, my experience with
your organization has been outstanding.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to
anyone.  I hope I will remain on your mailing list as I don't believe I will need your
services for a long time. However, when I do, I don't want to have forgotten you.  
Thank you so much!!!
Carol Jochman

Rec'd 4/21/09

I just received my cushions (invoice PA 55547) and they are fabulous!!  I would like to
order two additional cushions for extra ottomans I have that are a bit smaller.
 I would like the same cushion (DS25W-400) in the same fabric (cadet gray with black
welt).  The measurements should be 21x23x5.
 Same shipping address and credit card.  Please call me with questions.
 Thanks again - I will send pics as soon as the room is completed.
Georgiana Roberts

Rec'd 4/12/09

I have received my new cushions and they look great!  I would like to order one more
cushion in the same fabric. B230 Toffee, 44" x 27" x 3", if possible with ties at
the 4 corners. thanks! Mary Sorenson

Rec'd 4/2/09

The Bird of Paradise fabric is beautiful on our glider and chair set and will make
our screened porch a tropical retreat! The workmanship is wonderful and recevied
the cushions in eight days.
Wow! Thanks! S. Goodson

Rec'd 3/31/09

I got my cushions and I LOVE them …   Thanks so much.


red'd 3/27/09

received order- nice work--wife happy again --should i scotchgard   thanks  charles
Fabrics are pre-treated, "Scotchgard" never hurts but wait a few months.


rec'd 3/22/09

Received the new foam and it has made a big difference.  Thank you so much.  The
high level of service you have provided is rare and very much appreciated.  Attached
are pictures of the old and the new. 
Thanks again.  Charlene


Rec'd 3/4/09

Hi Wendy,
I never got a chance to thank you for filling our order so quickly and for sending us the beautiful cushions.  We were really surprised at the quality of the craftsmanship and didn’t think it would match up to the original Lloyd Flanders quality – but now we feel as if we have a brand new patio set.  With a little spray paint – and your beautiful cushions – our backyard is a welcoming haven for us and our guests.
Thanks again!
Donna Lockhart

Rec'd 2/18/09

I received my order after 6 days. Words cannot express my pleasure. The metal couch
 will be used on our patio when we move. But no one would guess! It looks fabulous
with the beige cushion you made in the living area of my apartment now staged to sell.

Claudia S.  Ciapponi


Rec'd 2/16/09

The cushions are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!! They have definately brought life back to
our patio! Thank you somuch for making my patio smile again!!!

Megan Caron


Rec'd 12/14/08

Got back in town tonight and saw the cushions - put them on and magic!
they fit perfectly and look great.  So quick!  Thanks for a great job.
Be happy to send pics if you want.

Rec'd 12/1/2008

Wendy and Pete,  My cushions are sooooo beautiful!!!!  Thank you for such great
service.  I hope I recommend you lots of business. Susan M


Rec'd 11/17/08

Just wanted to say we love our new cushions!  Thanks for the speedy  and reliable service.
Diane Vita

Rec'd 10/28/08

Hi Pete and Wendy,
The rest of my order arrived today and I am so happy with all of it! 
Those dining chair cushions that had to be covered over the wood
forms fit just perfectly.  All of the cushions did!  Love the throw
pillows, too.
I was afraid to order online at first but after reading some
of the testimonials, I decided to take the risk and hope for the best. 
Well, I'm very glad I did--you and Wendy were so helpful and the
communication good.   I will certainly recommend you and your
company to my friends.
Thanks for a great job!
Jackie Pitts
See photos in phote gallery

Rec'd 10/28/08

Hi Pete,
Just wanted to let you know the remainder of my order came today.  I couldn't be
more pleased!  Wonderful job!
I sent photos and message to the email address the website said to use. 
Prettier in person than in photos, though.
Thanks to you and Wendy for answering all my dumb questions.

Rec'd 10/25/08

Hello Pete
I can't thank - you enough for the professional way you handled my order for 2
highback cushions and ottoman cushions. Our old cushions were too soft and
our legs and bottom hurt from the bars, the new 4" reinforced ones you made
are a perfect fit all around. You were very prompt with taking my order todelivery 5 days.
Great job compliments to you and your staff,nice doing business with a professional
and caring company. Thanks for everything you have done.
Your happy customer Lee Wheeler

Rec'd 10/24/08

Hi Wendy,
We love the  SUNBRELLA red cushions you made for us!!!
We're also looking for a cover to go over a  TABLE TOP PATIO HEATER that's about 40" tal with a
26" dome on top.  We also need to cover the 24 x 24 table that the heater sits on. Total height of the
heater and table is about 65" so if we reduce the length of the cover by 5", to allow some clearance
from the floor, we get a length of 60" for the cover.
I'm thinking a 25" x 25" square on top with a 60" piece of fabric sewn to it should do it. What do you
think, can you do that?  Fabric we would like is your  OUTDURA 5401, FOREST GREEN.

Rec'd 10/21/08

Hi, Pete
If these pictures are not good enough, let me know and I will try again. I am not much of a photographer
, unfortunately. And the China red looks brighter in the pics than it does in real life. However, my cushions
look way better than the other example with furniture similar to mine on your website.
I look forward to getting my covers soon. Again, thanks to you and Wendy for everything.
Best regards,
Pictures in photo gallery

Rec'd 10/14/08

I received the cushions last week and they are absolutely perfect!
The fabric is definitely the right match to the Restoration Hardware
cushions I own, the zipper placement looks 100% better and the 3" is
such a better fit than the larger size.  We couldn't be happier with
Now that we have these correct specifications, at some point I will
want to have 3 barstool cushions made but it will have to wait until
next year so please keep everything on file.
Thanks again for all your help in accommodating our replacements.

Rec'd 10/5/08

Dear Pete
The cushions are fabulous! Perfect! Exactly as I had imagined. Thank you
so much. I am waiting for glass for my coffee table to be finished and then
I will send you a picture for your website.  My cushions look WAY
better than that other lady's cushions with the similiar furniture.
I really appreciate your time and effort. Oh yeah, and by the way, the two
days of great weather came just like you promised!   We have had plenty
of porch time since the cushions arrived yesterday.
Best regards,
Lynne Grabar

Rec'd 9/20/08


Well, Fed Ex didn't find our house on Thursday (I'll know better next time how
to get them to our place) - anyway, I ended up calling last night and learning
they were returned to Chattanooga after an "attempt"
to deliver.  (Your routing numbers were the key.)
Soooo. I got up this morning and drove to FedEx in Chattanooga (it was on
my route home anyway) and picked them up - didn't get to open them until I
got home to Birmingham.
They look great - I'm really pleased - almost decided to drive back to Coker
Creek just to put them on the chairs and sit down, but that 225 miles was a
bit of a barrier!
Pete, thanks for what you did to make them so quickly and to work with me
on them - it was great service-
hope you have a great weekend,


Rec'd 9/3/08


I ordered Sunbrella cushions for my new wicker furniture. Once they arrived,
I new they were perfect. We took them to the cottage and were so happy with
the comfort and color!!! Thanks so much!
They fit the furniture and the workmanship is superb. I love them.
Marina Wilson
Rec'd 8/21/08
3 days - not 3 weeks.
We received our cushions yesterday.  Good color - look great - and very
comfortable.  They make allthe difference in those chairs.
Thanks for the help.

Rec'd 8/20/08

It is not often one finds a person to do business with who is as
knowledgable and professional as you are.  Thank you.  Nancy M.


Rec'd 8/18/08

Received the cushions, and they look fantastic! My set looks brand new,
guess it will last another  23 years. Thanks! Nancy Laughlin


Rec'd 8/16/08

Pete & Wendy, Wow, what a surprise! After a long week of running in the
rat race, I came home on Friday to find my new patio cushions artfully
arranged in my living room by my husband. I did not expect them so soon
and was completely delighted. THEY LOOK FABULOUS on my glider and the
workmanship & quality is excellant. Thanks also for the suggestion of the
tangerine fabric for the accent pillows...it is the absolute best choice. Could
you accent the tangerine pillows with a red welt for the maximum punch &
contrast? I will let the choice of which red to use up to you. And, could you
tell me how to care for the fabric & if there are any special winter storage
instructions. Thanks so much!! Suzanne Nissley


Rec'd 8/15/08
We have two Heywood- Wakefield patio "vintage"  patio
couches- unusual sizes, we would like to speak with a
customer service representative  to see if we need
to go with custom.

Hi Ellen,
Your furniture dates back to the 40's or 50's but I did not
realize they made a line for the patio. I am familiar with the
quality yellow birch furniture they made.
We will contact you on Monday.
Hi Pete, the pillows for the heywood wakefield arrived today
and look great!
Thanks! Ellen


Rec'd 8/10/08

The replacement cushions I ordered were waiting for me when I returned
from a quick trip this weekend.  I never expected them so early.  They look
great, even better than I imagined.  I never thought my parents hand-me-down
PVC furniture could look so classy.  I'll send you a picture when my deck is
complete.  It's going to look smashing!
Thanks for walking me through the measuring and ordering process.  I
wouldn't hesitate to use patio-furniture-cushions again.

Rec'd 8/7/08

Pete and Wendy,
I wanted to say thanks for following up and getting those cushion covers
out to me. You did exactly as promised and I really appreciate that. I have
not taken them out and looked at them yet but I am sure they are as I
requested .I will recommend your services to anyone needing cushions
or covers and I look forward to doing business with y'all again in the future.
Thanks again!

Rec'd 8/5/08

Hi Pete,
WOW!!! We received the cushions today and they are perfect.  We were very
surprised at how quickly they were made and delivered.  I am so happy that
we found your WEB Site.  I have attached a couple
photos for your review.
Thank you for your great service.
Best regards,
Pat Letendre

Pictures in the photo gallery


Rec'd 8/2/08


Hi Pete,
 Received my Settee set of cushions, what a difference quality makes.  I am
so glad I did not sell this set because my old cushions were so lumpy! 
They arrived in less than a week, that must be a record. Thanks for brightening
up my Sun room, it is now my Tropical Paradise right here in South Carolina. 
(By the way the stripes line up perfectly....and the extra padding really helps
my back, Thanks for that too!)
Cherryl Pou
Pictures are available in the photo gallery

Rec'd 8/1/08

They are finalllllllly here. We are very pleased. Nice product. Delivery
was a verrrry bad happening but we are pleased with the end result.
We will recommend you with a note on delivery.
Dave & Janie
Due to a fabric problem at the mill Dave & Janie waited a long
time for the cushions.
While you read the testimonials you  will see most are praising
the fast shipping,  I guess this one shows we are really human.


Rec'd 7/31/08

Received Order #PA54590, wrought iron chaise cushion.  FANTASTIC product and service.  Will certainly use again AND recommend PATIO-FURNITURE-CUSHIONS.com to all my friends.
Jeanette Hoover

Rec'd 7/20/08

Pete and Wendy,
I wanted to share the pictures of our new cushions with you.The fabric is beautiful, the cushions so comfy and craftsmanship outstanding! They completely changed the whole look of our backyard. We just love them!
Thank you,
Debi Molina
P.S. Photos can be seen in the photo section.

Rec'd 7/21/08

I received my chair pads and they are wonderful!  Thanks so much!  I will definately recommend you to others!  Susan Lake

Rec'd 7/20/08


The cushions arrived yesterday?less than two weeks after I ordered them.  They are beautiful and are a perfect fit.  Your company is an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Thank you,

Susan Clay


 Rec'd 7/15/08

Pete, I have attached a few photos of the new cushions on the wrought iron sofa. Not only do they fit perfectly, they are attractive (Sandona Kiwi fabric livens up the screened-in porch) and comfortable ? quality workmanship all around. Once my mother decides on another fabric, we will be ordering replacement cushions for the 4 remaining chairs that have tired old cushions on them.

I will be spreading the word about your company.  Thanks again for all your help and talking me off the ledge when it came to figuring out the dimensions!!!  I truly appreciate your delivering and billing 2 separate addresses as well as the quick turn around time ? 1 week from order to delivery. Fantastic!

Beth Grubbs

Pictures can be seen in the photo section


Rec'd 7/15/08

Hi Pete,
The cushions arrived Friday and they are beautiful. Thanks for an excellent product.

Rec'd 7/12/08

I talked to you, Pete, on Monday the 30th of June to order my cushions.  At that time, you told me it would be approximately 3 weeks before they would arrive.  You can imagine my total shock when they arrived that Saturday, July 5th via Federal Express!  I couldn't believe my eyes-especially considering the 4th of July Holiday came into play as well.  All I can say is WOW!  The cushions look great and they fit perfectly.  Thank you so much! Garnett Copeland


Rec'd 7/7/08

Hi Wendy:
I just wanted to tell you the replacement cushions arrived and how pleased I am with them.  I can't even express how wonderful your company was to work with and the fabulous workmanship on the cushions.
Customer Service?   Workmanship?   Overall experience?    On a scale of 10, you rank off the charts!   I'll tell everyone I know about your company.
Deborah Adams

Rec'd 6/22/08


We just wanted to thank you and  your company for your friendly and fast service!!  We got the cushions in just a few days and they look great.  Have had lots of compliments already.

Thanks again - Julie Jenkins


Rec'd 6/16/08

Hi Pete  - my cushions arrived last week!  I was out of town and couldn't wait to get back home and try them out.  They look
great.   Thanks a bunch!

Lyn Luciani


Rec'd 6/15/08

Thanks for the rapid service  with my cushions.  Only, took three days after ordering, and they really look great on my porch furniture.



Rec'd 6/15/08

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my cushions.I first ordered two chaise lounge cushions and when I received them I just had to order four more for my other chairs.You do excellent work and give fast service.
Thank You
Connie Gainey

Rec'd 6/13/08

Just wanted to say Thank You for my beautiful cushions!  I was somewhat aprehensive about buying "sight unseen" over the Internet, but I can now say I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for quality cushions at a GREAT price.  Outstanding customer service, fast shipping and great quality.  Who could ask for more?  Thank you. Janie Arp

Rec'd 6/9/08

I received my beautiful cushion on Saturday. I am very pleased with the  quality of the fabric and the workmanship. Thank you.  I also ordered a cover along with it. It was a verbal order as there was no place to add this on the online form.  I have already been charged for it, but it did not get delivered with the cushion. Please research this for me and advise of the disposition of this order.

Hello Karen,
You cover is on the way, covers were in production when your cushion shipped. 
Thanks for the prompt response. You guys are top notch!

Rec'd 6/7/08

Thanks so much for your Oh So Prompt service! 

Locally, they told us 5-6 weeks, and we only had three weeks til our daughter?s graduation.  My wife cried. 

We went online and ordered from you on a Sunday and received custom cushions on Thursday- Wow!!!

Your selection was fabulous!  We found four great fabrics from you vs. none that we were excited about locally. 

Thanks for being there for us!  -G-

W Gaines Bagby


Rec'd 6/3/08

Pete & Wendy,
My cushions arrived last week. They fit perfectly and look great! Just wanted to let you know and to say thanks for another excellent job!
Sandy Blust

Rec'd 6/2/08 

I just wanted to tell you that I received my cushions yesterday and they are perfect!  Thank you so much for getting them out to me so quickly.  I really appreciate the great customer service.
Christie Caropino

Rec'd 5/22/08

Hi Pete,
I nearly fell off my (chaise) when the doorbell rang yesterday and my new cushions had arrived! Wow!
They are just beautiful! The Lani Multi fabric coordinates perfectly with my existing Trellis slings and the thick firm cushions are a dream!  I love them! I truly appreciate the quick turnaround too. I never expected to have them in time for Memorial Day. Your customer service is extraordinary and you exceeded our expectations in every way! 
Thanks and have a great summer!  
Lynn Farruggio

Rec'd 5/22/08

With all the delays and my concern for the arrival was all worth it.  The cushions arrived and they are beautiful!  I can't wait to get home and put them on the chairs.
Thank you
Cindy McGivern

Rec'd 5/21/08

Just to let you and the patioshop co.  know the cushions you sent were the perfect color and fit.  We are very pleased with them and glad that we ordered from your co. 
Monica Schaller

Rec'd 5/21/08

Received the cushions.  They are beautiful.  Thank you  Susan DuCharme

Rec'd 5/19/08

Hi Pete,
Our cushions arrived yesterday!
There is only one small problem, we're short one (1) 16" stripe accent pillow and the ottoman cushions don't fit well. I've attached photos of them. Please give me a call so we can talk about them.
Other wise, I'm totally thrilled with them. They're absolutely beautiful and the craftsmanship is outstanding.
I can't wait for the pool repairs to be complete so I can put them out but their so gorgeous, I don't want to get them dirty during the work!
Thank you for our new look,
Debi Molina
The missing cushion and replacement ottoman are on the way Debi.


Rec'd 5/12/08

Thanks for the quick (very quick) service.  They look

Rec'd 5/7/08

Pete, Received my cushions today just in time for my Mother's day barbecue. The look great and fit perfectly. Can't believe how quickly they arrived. Thanks again for a great job and please thank Wendy for sending all those fabric samples.  You guys are teriffic.

Donna Forminio
Rec'd 5/7/08
I received my outdoor daybed cushions today that you made special - they are perfect and comfortable and you did them in 1/3 of the time quoted!  Perfect.
But I'd like to buy some pillows to go on the day bed now.  I'm thinking 4 pillows out of Lakeview Merlot, D403.  I seek you advice as to whether this fabric will match the cushions you made for me out of antique Beige, 5406.
Thank you,
Carol Nicholls

Rec'd 5/3/08

Dear Pete,
WOW!  You can tell your wife that you have made yet another woman happy!!  The cushions came yesterday and they are wonderful.  We love them, and the "within a week" service was amazing!
Now we need to do something with our back cushions.  I was going to try to use them but it doesn't work with our spanking new and beautiful cushions.  If we send you them, can you recover them?  Or, if not, if we send you a sample for each of the 3 sizes, can you make them for us? 
Thank you, Janie Feldman

Rec'd 4/29/08

Hi Pete and Team,
We absolutely love the patio cushions and pillows that you made for the wall in our backyard!  I've attached a photo for you as well.
Excellent craftsmanship and timing.  I don't think we could have afforded this quality from a local Arizona patio store.
Thank you so much!
Chuck and Cheryl
Picture can be seen in the photo section

Rec'd 4/29/08

Got the cushions on Friday, and went right out to put them on the old furniture set.  They are gorgeous, so now I've got to work on the furniture so they look better.  I couldn't be happier with you, your company, and the product.  Thank you.  You guys are great!
Sherry Cotter

Rec'd 4/29/08

Pete,   DISREGARD my messages asking for tracking numbers on those cushions I ordered for my mom.my folks got the cushions and THEY LOVE THEM !!!!!!!!
hopefully, i get to see them soon on my next visit to north jersey  

Angelo DeGeorge


Rec'd 4/23/08

Got the cushions a few days ago-love them. Thanks so much.

Rec'd 4/18/08

Dear Pete,
    My dear fellow, the wonderful cushions you have already made for us are still so perfect, I cannot imagine wanting to replace them! Also, since we live in the same little house, we couldn't accomodate any more to have just because they are so beautiful! (Much as we'd love to!)
    Hope you and Dottie are doing wonderfully well and have a successful and healthy Spring!  Best regards, Lori Jahn

Rec'd 4/18/08

We can hardly wait to be able to use our screened porch with our BEAUTIFUL azalea cushions!  We purchased these last year and they look brand new!  The few times we were able to use our porch, the *new* redwood furniture got raves!  Most were astonished we had not purchased new furniture!  Thanks for making our new porch very special!  Happy Spring!
Bill and Stephanie Payne

Rec'd 4/18/08

Pete, I just spoke to you a few days ago about my cushions and they arrived today and are exceptional - beautiful and comfortable and they fit! Will send another order for 2 additional matching cushions and also my son needs to order some, so I'll spread the word! Thanks, again for the outstanding job well done. Will send pictures. Shirlee Beser


Rec'd 4/9/08

Hi Pete!
We love our cushions!Didn't expect them this early. --We're very pleased with your service and quality.  Susan McGourty

Rec'd 4/7/08

Good morning Pete!

Unbelievable!!!  I told you on Saturday that we?d like to place the order.  The cushions arrived on Thursday.   3 Weeks!  Yeah right!!!  You guys are good!  I?ll plan to get a template made for the ice cream soda chair and get it into the mail for you!



Rec'd 3/28/08

Hi Pete and Wendy,
I got my new chair cushions and they are beautiful!  The colors are so vibrant.
Thank you, Wendy for all your help deciding which ones to get :)))
I'm sending some photos so you can see hoe great they look. 
The pad for the seat is a bit long but I think it'll work. 
I got them so quickly - thank you!!!!

Leslie, if the seats are too long, just send them back to the factory to be shortened. We will shorten at no charge., Pete


 rec"d 6/21/07

Pete, the email that follows should go in your hall of fame folder.

As Sandra may have told you, we both loved the durability and water resistance of your cushions, but Sandra had some cosmetic concerns.

You stood behind your product, as promised, and offered a fair adjustment. Well, as we thought things over and used the cushions, Sandra became convinced that the cosmetic issues (small crease marks from the stiffer fabric required to gain water resistance) really weren't a problem, and the functionality so far exceeded anything else we've seen that ... we want to order some more!

So, please send us 4 more sets of the chair cushions, plus one additional for an ottoman - measurements 28x28x2" thick (it is just a foot cushion).

Please bill as before, same MasterCard.

And thanks.

Richard E. McLeod


Rec'd 3/18/08

Hi Pete
Sorry for the delayed response.  We ABSOLUTELY love our cushions for
the chair, ottoman, chaises and love seat and the covers rock!!  We
have enjoyed them several times.  Once the weather gets better, I
will send you pictures.  Thank you so much for working with us and
helping me determine the correct measurements. We are so very
pleased and I have already recommended you to several friends!


Rec'd 3/4/08

Peter today I received the cushions that I ordered a couple of weeks ago.  I can?t believe how fast they were delivered as to of them were special made.  They are beautiful and look so great on the ottomans and benches.  Thanks again for a wonderful job and will order again from you when and if I need something.  Have a great day.

 Connie Hultman  FL


Rec'd 1/15/08

I wanted to say 'thank you'.  I made a phone order for new patio cushions just before Christmas.  The man on the phone was so helpful.  My cushions arrived a few weeks ago, and they are perfect.  I really appreciate your time and expertise.  You took the time to answer questions, allow me time on the phone to re-measure and gave great alternative suggestions.
Debbie Fricker

Rec'd 12/17/07

I have been meaning to drop you a line and let you know how pleased we are with our new cushions. They fit great and look even better. Unfortuneatly we have not been able to fully enjoy them now that it is winter time. But I can assure you we will come spring.
I do need 2 additional cushions for pool loungers. If you will give me quote maybe I can take advantage of the sale you have. They are your everyday loungers that the back tilts up and down and have vinyl straps. Vague description I know but I am at work and can't measure them to know for sure.
Thanks Again,
Charles Barnes 

Rec'd 12/11/07

Season' Best, Pete!
Want to tell you how much we enjoyed the days spent on our screened porch, relaxing to the hilt on the cushions we purchased this summer!  Everyone who has seen them thinks they are as comfy as they are beautiful!  This is one purchase we praise!
Thanks again for being a purveyor of a fine product!
Stephanie Payne

Rec'd 11/26/07

Received my lounge chair cushion and my husband is enjoying his birthday present. He is really pleased.I am going to keep you on my address book.Thanks again. Anna Bergalis

Rec'd 11/24/07

Hi, Pete!
    We LOVE the cushions your company made for us.  As a matter of fact, we would like to order one more.(My husband had another chair squirreled away in the garage, and now that he's seen the cusions, he wants to use that one too.)
Chris Teater

Rec'd 11/20/07

Hi Pete:
Wow...your workmanship is simply beautiful and I am so pleased with the cushions! They arrived in perfect condition and sized beautifully. The finishing touch to my backyard and just in time to be shown off to friends and family for Thanksgiving holiday..another promise kept by your company.
I will take some digitals and send to you.
While we are on the subject...what would be the cost to make 2 throw pillows for either side of the 3 seater couch and 1 for the lounge? In red of course..lets stay bold here!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you so much for your assistance, speedy return calls and fabulous workmanship..you are truly a treasure!
Susan Mallow

Rec'd 11/12/07

Hi Pete -First of all, thank you for getting back to me about the fabric.

I apologize for taking so long to get back to you!

We did actually see it on your website first... I do know that die lots can fluctuate all the time, so as it works out, the color has been just fine!

It goes with the artwork that we were hanging, as well as all the other odds and ends that are in the room...

So, once again, thank you so much for all your help! It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Kristin Harper


Rec'd 10/30/07

Hello Peter - I ordered 8 patio furniture cushions from you last month and in a teal/green and I absolutely love them. Thank you for all of your help, the color is perfect. I am now looking for a hammock pad with a bolster and pillow, I was hoping you would be able to help me out. Do you have hammock accessories or is there someone you recommend? Thank you again, Monica


 Rec'd 10/22/07

I don't know if I ever told you but I wished one morning that the cushions would arrive that day as we were having a bunch of friends over that night for a cook out. Lo and behold they did show up that afternoon and we are very pleased with them and have used them much this summer. Thank you for a great job to fill and old sentimental glider.

Carol DiDomenico


Rec'd 10/18/2007

Just wanted to let you know that I received my cushions last week and they look fabulous. Thanks for your help.

Denise Brock

Universal Parks & Resorts

Orlando, Florida 32819


 Rec'd 10/15/07

We are certainly enjoying our new cushions. They fit like the originals. I did scotch guard them in hopes of retaining the new look longer.


Marian Jewell

Rec'd 10/2/2007

Pete we ordered our beautiful cushions from you earlier this year and now we know we must protect our investment. I am looking at ordering the covers for 2 chairs, 2 swivels and a loveseat. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Jan Butler


Red'd 10/2/2007


I just received the two cushions for my loveseat glider today when I got home from work and they fit perfect!! I just love them and they exceed my expectations!! If you ever need a recommendation, just send them my way!! Thanks, Josie


Rec'd 9/27/07

Just wanted you to know that the cushions fit and look great!




Rec'd 9/23/07

Hey Pete,
I can't believe it, but about an hour and a half after I e-mailed you a Federal Express truck pulled in! The cushions look great! Thanks much.

Rec'd 9/23/07

Pete,my custom cushions came in ahead of schedule and perfect.I love the quality and I'm sure I made the right decision ordering from you.

Jean Hamel


Rec'd 9/3/07


These cushions are gorgeous! The material is far, far better than the original cushions at a GREAT price.

AND MADE IN THE USA!!! How About That!!!

Thanks Again Pete

Pete, You can post if you want, with my name and town/state.

Bill Sisk', Lakeville PA


Rec'd 9/2/07

 I want to say how ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED I am with the cushions for my 33 year old redwood chairs and chaise! These cushions are better made than ANY I've seen and they are comfortable, too! My new screened porch looks dazzling! Fabric is C308, azelea which really compliments the redwood, giving it new life! Special thanks to Pete Stillitano for helping me with the chaise cushion dimensions.

Stephanie Payne


rec'd 8/31/07

 We got the pillows the other day. They look great.



Rec'd 8/31/07

Received my cushions....love them, they look great...thank you for being so quick.

carol halkias



c/o Pete

Just want you to know I received the cushions a full week before I needed them and they are perfect! Thank you so much...I am thrilled with a job well done!


~Betsy Coakley




Cushions arrived yesterday and they fit perfectly! I really appreciate your patience AND expertise. It seemed like a straightforward thing to replace cushions on an old vintage sofa, but not so! Don't think I would have been succesful in doing so if I hadn't had your help. The fabric is great and the set looks just fabulous. Thanks so much!



Red'd 8/14/07

Pete, Thank you very much for my cushions & pillows. I was very satisfied with the way they turned out. I appreciate you spending so much time with me on the phone to figure everything out so my couch would look great! I am sending you a photo of how it looks now, what a difference!
Thank you,
Nancy Leonard

Rec'd 8/3/07

Attention Peter
Just a note to thank you for putting a rush on the cushions for my 
PVC patio set.  The cushions arrived the day after my guests so we 
had use of them for almost the entire visit.  They look great and fit 
Thank you
Claudia Race


Red'd 7/18/07

WOW! You've got my endorsement. Quality and service . . . a rare commodity. Thank you.  Anne

Recd 7/18/07

I received my PVC chairs and the triangle shaped table today and I was amazed at the excellent way that it was packaged. The instructions for the assembly of the chairs were very clear. The colors of the cushions were exactly what I was looking for. CG

rec'd 7/15/07

I received my cushions today; they're GREAT!

Thank you SO MUCH!



rec'd 7/12/07

Peter, Ray,

I am really delighted with the cushions you helped me design for the vintage bamboo furniture.

They look marvelous!  Your service was top-notch.  This was my first experience with your company and I have referred you to several of my co-workers.  From working with Ray to get the size of the cushions, then selecting the fabrics, then placing the order and arranging for a pick-up, I was always very impressed and satisfied.  I have attached two photos for your "Our Satisfied Customers" folder. This is the living room of the condo at Ocean City, NJ.


I look forward to the next time I need cushions!


Thanks to all those involved,

Conni Zukowski




Hi Pete,


I just wanted you to know that the cushions arrived and they are perfect!  We are enjoying sitting on them on our back porch.

Summer is good!  Thanks for your quick and helpful service.


Michelle Pikor


Redc 7/12/07

Yes! They came last evening after we had left for the movies about 5...woo hoo! They look great! Thanks so much!  That was fast service and you were a pleasure to do business with.

rec'd 6/26/07


I just returned home from an extended trip and found my cushions & umbrella awaiting

I LOVE them!!

Thanks for all of the great service!

(p.s. - feel free to post this on your site if you'd like)

Best regards,



rec'd 6/25/07

Message :Pete,

I wanted to thank you and your assistant (I spoke to her on the phone) for your fast and very curteous service. The cushions arrived yesterday and they are perfect.

Thanks again,

Shari Vaba


To: Pete


I just wanted to tell you my cushions arrived on Friday and I was extremely pleased with them. Your customer service was also outstanding.

The two little cushions did not have the ties on them and I was wondering if you could send those (as they really need it) and I will just sew them on?

Thank you again for the great service,


Susan Eikenbary

Rec'd 6/25/07

Hi Susie,

Thanks for the nice compliment, I will order the ties for you today.

Thank you



Rec'd 6/25/07

Message :Pete,

I wanted to thank you and your assistant (I spoke to her on the phone) for your fast and very curteous service. The cushions arrived yesterday and they are perfect.

Thanks again,

Shari Vaba


 rec"d 6/21/07

Pete, the email that follows should go in your hall of fame folder.

As Sandra may have told you, we both loved the durability and water resistance of your cushions, but Sandra had some cosmetic concerns.

You stood behind your product, as promised, and offered a fair adjustment. Well, as we thought things over and used the cushions, Sandra became convinced that the cosmetic issues (small crease marks from the stiffer fabric required to gain water resistance) really weren't a problem, and the functionality so far exceeded anything else we've seen that ... we want to order some more!

So, please send us 4 more sets of the chair cushions, plus one additional for an ottoman - measurements 28x28x2" thick (it is just a foot cushion).

Please bill as before, same MasterCard.

And thanks.

Richard E. McLeod


On May 24, 2007, at 5:59 PM, Pete wrote:

> Hello Richard & Sandra,

> I was sorry to hear you did not like the fabric due to the crinkling.

> If you would like to select another fabric or have the same color in

> the 8 oz. weight, I can make new covers and send them to you. You would have to remove the fill from the originals and place it in the new covers. It is a little tedious and would take about 15 minutes per cushion. I am  sorry I did not mention this today when we spoke; it was just one of those busy days. Please let me know.

 Thank you


> www.patio-furniture-cushions.com


> [mailto:webmaster@patio-furniture-cushions.com]

> Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2007 12:55 PM


> Subject: Form Response from www.patio-furniture-cushions.com

> Name :Richard McLeod

> Message :Ask for either Rich or Sandra; we are looking to replace cushions on 6 teak chairs and 2 chaises; we really want quick drying, as they are outdoors all the time. Chairs - seat is 26 1/2" wide by 30" deep; back (measured from the bottom of the chair) is 26 1/2" wide by 20" high (so the back cushion would have a height of 20" less the thickness of the seat cushion); chaises are 84" long x 26" wide, with the break at 48"/ 36". We want a plain fabric in linen or oatmeal color. Did I mention that fast drying is our #1 requirement? Thanks.

> Rich McLeod

Rec'd 6/20/07

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DELIVERING SUCH BEAUTIFUL CUSHIONS. They are PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! We had a party over the weekend and several people asked me for your email address.

Thanks again for such wonderful service.


Amy A. Potter


Rec'd 6/18/07

Name :Susan Radke-Sproull

Message :Received the cushions today. BEAUTIFUL! Was so happy to receive them earlier than expected. Question: The delivery did not come with fabric care instructions. I had ordered 5630 mason-forest sunbrella fabric as posted on your web page, so I am assuming that is what was sent, even if the fabric feels a bit different than other Sunbrella acrylic that I have? In which case, do I just use the care instructions link you have on your web page? Thanks for guidance.


Rec'd 6/12/07

I had my doubts about ordering cushions unseen but they have arrived and I'm so pleased! They are exactly what I wanted and fit perfectly. Thanks so much for your help.



Rec'd 6/7/07

Message :Pete:

Thank you for the cushions. I can't believe that I got them in less than one week. More importantly, they are perfect. I hope to be able to do more business with you in the future.


rec'd 6/2/2007

Message :Pete, I just received my cushions and I am extremely satisfied with them. Thank you for being so patient with me in making my decision for the material. It was well worth the wait. Thank again

Good Job

Best Regards

Mike Dudas


Rec'd 6/1/07

Message :Hi! I received my cushions today - just over 2 weeks from when I ordered them - WOW! Besides super-fast shipping, they were perfect! Thank you, very much!

Susan Wagner


rec'd 5/24/07

Hi Pete,

I just got my cushions today and just wanted you to know that they are
really great (they are more beautiful than I was expecting).  I am very
satisfied with your quality of work and the fast delivery.  I will make sure
I will recomend your company to  my friends.


Felipe Perez

Rec'd 5/21/07

Message :Pete,

Hi I was so excited to receive the cushions I ordered. They are great!!!!!!! Everyone loves them and say they look fantastic. I was suprised at how fast the order was completed. Just wanted to let you know they fit perfect and I am so pleased with them.




Rec'd 5/20/07

like to order 5 more throw pillows with fabric D402...recd chair cushions and 2throws..Great!Good service too!  thea abel


Rec'd 5/20/07

Message :Pete, I received my cushions a couple of weeks ago and love them! They look better than the original ones we got when we purchased the furniture. Thank you for your help in determining the precise measurements. I would now like to order protective covers for 2 chairs and 2 lounge chairs. Are your covers a one-size-fits-all? And, if so, do you still have my credit card on file? - I'd like to go ahead with the order...Julie


Rec'd 5/20/2007

Hi Pete,
I received my cushions yesterday and they are great!!  I just finished having my coffee and reading the Sunday paper outdoors and the chairs  were so comfortable.  Thank you for the great and quick service.
Cindy Freier

Rec'd 5/18/07
Attn: Peter Stillitano

I just wanted to let you know that I received the cushions I ordered recently. They arrived in excellent condition and fit perfectly. I also wanted to say you did an outstanding job on filling this order. I certainly had not expected to receive this order in such a speedy manner. You are to be commended for excellent service.

I look forward to doing business with you again.


Joan Hamon
Rec'd 5/11/07
Dear Pete
Wanted to let you know that I received my cushions for my glider and chaise lounge on Saturday May 5th, Much sooner than I actually expected.  They are beautiful and fit perfectly.  I took some pictures and showed them to all my colleagues at work and they were all impressed with the great colors, prints and how the looked on the furniture.  Only problem is now I wish I had ordered chair pads and covers, LOL.  Thanks again for all your help.
Pam Moskalsky

Red'd 5/7/2007


I wanted to let you know that the cushions arrived early last week, but I had to wait till the weekend to set them up to make sure they fit and looked good. So I wanted to write and thank you for such speedy service, and a great product. Now I have to repaint the chairs to make them look as nice as the cushions!

Appreciate your help with a great product - I'm recommending you to all my friends who need replacement cushions.


Martha Parisi Dirksen


Rec'd 5/6/2007

Well our cushions have arrived today, and there are beautiful, and they arrived much earlier than you had said they would, just in time for the season. 
We were scared to shop online  but we were able to communicate with you and  your company on a regular basis it made this purchase very easy, and we are very pleased. We thank you very much for all you help and patience with us. Dave and Deborah

Rec'd 5/6/2007

I just received them this week. They are fabulous! Thank you for such a great job.



Rec'd 4/28/07


A note from Pete; Our customer received his custom cushions which were made to the wrong size. Our factory was able to cut them down to the correct size and return to our customer in just ten days including shipping. As perfect as we try to be, we can goof sometimes.

Rec'd 4/26/07



Rec'd 4/26/07

Message :I received my cushions today, sooner than I expected, and they are beautiful. I decided on the print with the palm trees and am glad I did. The furniture belonged to my Mother and she would be so proud to see them now. The workmanship is very professional and the fact that they packed the seat in plastic and the back not in plastic was very helpful to me. Thanks again and have a good day.  Jean Jones


Rec'd 4/6/07

Message :Pete - I just received my cushions and they are absolutely perfect! My husband was in shock because we'd been shopping for cushions and found nothing that came close to the quality of your work! Thanks so much and I'm saving your link to pass on to my friends!

Patsy Miller


Rec'd 3/31/07

Hi Pete - The new cushions arrived this afternoon, they are the right fabric. Thanks so much for letting us keep the others until these arrived, it was helpful.  Let me know when I should expect the others to be picked up.
Thanks again,
PS - I would like to submit a testimonial about your incredible customer service - what's the best way to do that?
Thanks Janet, you just did!

Rec'd 3/25/2007

Message :Pete,

The cushions arrived Thursday and they are perfect. I have recommended you to a friend who is searching for new cushions.




Recd 3/17/2007

Thanks a lot Pete - all your testimonials are true!!

Recd 3/17/2007

Hello Pete,

I wanted to let you know I received the cushions and they look and fit great! Also, the covers were not included in any of the boxes. Do you know the status of these?



Hi Gary,

I noticed the covers were shipped separately, you should have early this week. Enjoy the cushions.

Thank you



Recd 3/15/07

Pete, I got my cushions in yesterday and they are beautiful. You did such a great job and I am so pleased. Thanks so very much. Will definitely recommend you to my friends. Do you have a business card? If so, please

send it to me so I can keep it in my file. Thanks, April Campbell


Recd 3/15/07

They are here! They are beautiful! I will be giving your website out Friday to guest I'm sure. I have 5 couples coming for a cookout.
Thank you!

Samantha D. Imlay



Rec'd 1/31/07

Message :Hi, Pete. My cushions arrived yesterday.They look great. I haven't tried them on the glider yet, but will do so today or tomorrow. Thanks.

--Patty Clarke


 Rec'd 1/18/07

Message :Pete,

The cushions arrived last week and they are great!!! They fit the seats perfectly and are luxurously thick. I am also extremely pleased with the fabric quality and colors, which my monitor portrayed pretty accurately.

I look forward to ordering from you again!

deb garvin



Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2006 3:49 PM



Received 11/4/2006

Pete and John - Received my cushions and they look great
and fit perfectly!

Thanks for your personal attention in helping me get in right.

Mary Reed




From: Wall, Elizabeth
Sent: Friday, July 07, 2006 10:03 AM
To: Pete
Subject: cushions


I got my cushions over the holiday, wow that was speedy!!  They look
great!  Only one slight problem?we were short a club chair, and got
2 ottomans instead of 1.  I wasn?t able to find an invoice or packing
slip in any of the boxes. 
Please let me know what we need to do!

Thanks so much,



Hi Elizabeth, 

Sorry the error is mine, I gave the wrong info to the factory. Keep
the extra ottoman cushion and I will send another chair cushion.

 Thank you



Received July 5th, 2006


The patio set that I bought about 17 years ago was in need
of new cushions.I looked high and low until I saw your
website and purchased your best cushions for 2 chaise
lounges and 9 chairs.I was not sure of the quality since
all I had to look at was the photos on your website.I can
say that I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of these
cushions and I know that I will be able to get another
? 15 years from the cushions.

If you would like to use this as a letter of recommendation,
please do so.

Ken Karnow & Rhonda Lane




-----Original Message-----

From: Janet McElroy 

Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2006 9:57 PM

To: pete@patio-furniture-cushions.com

Subject: Cushions


Received the cushions. It was a perfect fit
and the color matches the other cushions on
the chairs perfectly. I was so worried that
the measurements I gave were going to be too
big or short or wrong in every sense.
Thanks so much.


Janet C. McElroy


Hello Janet,


Yes we can make cushions for your Tropitone set.
All we would need is the
measurements, width,
overall length, seat depth and thickness. I
will call
on Monday to discuss.


Thank you,




Sent: Sunday, April 16, 2006 7:05 AM



Name :Janet McElroy

Evening or Cell Phone :

Add me to your mail list :Yes

Message :I am looking for replacement cushions
for a tropitone
aluminum glider. I have not
been able to find a company that makes them.
I don't see any on this website either. The
tropitone company doesn't seem to have this
style anymore. I would like to know if it is
possible to replace.




Received June 11, 2006

Name :Linda Chumley

Message :I received my cushions awhile ago &
have finally got around to placing them on the
refinished patio set. I am so impressed w/the
quality & look. The fit, which I was a little
concerned with when I ordered them is perfect.
The cushions completely finished off the patio
modern & very sharp. My cushions made this set
look better than when it was new. Family &
friends can't believe its the same furniture!



Message for Pete from Marie Birmingham.  We got
the rest of the cushions and they are better
than the original two.  Why?  Because we ordered
welting and the first two came without welting. 
We thought welting was the ribbing along the
edges but when the first two came without it we
thought perhaps we were wrong.  We weren't. 
The last eight had the welting and are terrific. 
We want to return the original two to be
replaced with welted ones.  How do we go about
it?  Thanks.  Fred Dean




> Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 09:22:01 -0400


> Hello Marie,


Did not know the first two did not have welt,
just put the two
cushions in one of the boxes
and tape up. I will have UPS pick up to return
to the factory. They will put the welting on
and get them right back to you. Sorry for the


Thank you




Received June 7th 2006


Well, m'dear, they have splendidly arrived and
been greeted with glad cries of joy! I really
love the new cushions, and we can finally bring
the new chairs out onto the deck decently-dressed.
Thanks for your persistence in achieving the
mutual goal of getting us off your back and the
cushions in our hands. Great work, just what we
wanted!   Best regards, Lori Jahn



April 7, 2007

Hello, Pete--


The last cushion did arrive today.  Thank you for
your follow-up and the quality of your products. 
Also, I'm happy to be able to purchase furniture
cushions "Made in U.S.A." and made to last!



Michele Richards


April 4, 2006




Just wanted to say thanks for all the help with our
new patio cushions.  They turned out great and they
make the old patio furniture look brand new again.


Thanks again.


Fran Hoertz




From: Karen E Spiegel

Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2006 9:07 AM

To: Pete Stillitano

Subject: WoW! My cushions!


Pete Hi!

My cushions came and they are FABULOUS!!

They are just perfect and I can't wait to take them to the beach house.
Again thanks for your prompt shipment and your top quality work!


Karen Spiegel

Happy in Atlanta!



Just wanted to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with the
cushions we ordered from you. Quality fabric, well made, dimensionally
correct, and prompt delivery. Thank you. 



March 8th, 2006

Name: Terry Hockens


Pete--My cushions came, and I love them! They are
beautiful and fit my chairs perfectly. Thank you so
much for the wonderful service!




Hi Pete,


Received the cushion today.  It is really really nice and fits perfect. 
Worth the wait.  Thank you.  Miriam



Hi Pete,


I received the cushions on Friday afternoon -- they
fit my furniture perfectly, both physically and
aesthetically! The quality is superior -- I'm very
pleased with the final product if you can't tell.
Thanks to you and Dawn for sending the fabric swatches
and helping me bring this yard furniture back to life!

Carlee McClintock




Message :Dear Pete:

I am so extremely pleased with your customer service, quality of work and the
delivery of my new cushions. I called you on Tuesday, April 18, 2006 to place
an order for (7) cushions for my outdoor furniture. I also told you that I was
having a party and hoped that they would arrive by May 12th and you did say
that it would be close and I understood that especially since I was working
with a tight time frame. Well to my surprise, on Tuesday, May 2nd they arrived.
(that is (2) weeks from the day that I called to place the order). They are beautiful,
comfortable and most of all, it looks like I have a completely new set of furniture.
I am so excited about the service that I received and I just wanted to share it with
you, your staff and any new customer's that are wondering about the quality of
 your work and business. I will be sure to send my friends or anyone that I know
who needs new cushions to you.

Thank you so much!

Pam Ryder


Red'd 10-19-2006

Name :Laura Gosnay-Gleffe

Message :Pete,

Just wanted to let you know how delighted
we are with our cushions. They are even
better than expected! The colors are
beautiful and the workmanship is fabulous.
The cushions and umbrella will make our
deck look perfect. I can't say enough about
the quality! I will gladly recommend you
to all of our friends and family who are
looking for cushions!

Thanks so much.



Rec'd 10/17/2006

Hey Pete - great day for me too!! My cushions
just got here - they are perfect! Now I just
can't wait for Spring!!!

Thanks again and I'll be sure to let my
friends know about your business!!



Recd 10/16/2006


Recd 10/2/2006

Name :Shirley Clay

Message :Don't know who Pete is, but would
like to thank John, for being so helpful.
Service was really fast and I love my cushions.
I love them so much I called back today and
ordered more. Thank you John, now everything
looks like PFC was here.


Name :shirley clay:

Message : John ,Received my cushions yesterday.
wonderful wonderful Fit is great .

recd 9/25/06
The cushions arrived and they fit. Thank
you for having the factory cut them down
to spec. I think the work is very nice
and they'll be wonderful next summer.
Sallie Smith 

REC'D 9/16/06

Pete, Thank you for forwarding the two
missing cushions. I appreciate your
integrity in following up and taking
care of the matter in a timely fashion.



Received 9/12/2006

Name :frances jack

Message :got my cushions yesterday and
they are terrific...so glad i called and
had the inch taken off because they wouldn't
have fit otherwise..my only mistake was not
allowing for the slight curve on the back
on the sofa..so the 24" back cushions are
pretty tight in there..but no one would see
that goof but me! thanks so much..i will
recommend you to my friends...you were very
easy to work with and the product came very
quickly...thanks again..


Sent: Monday, August 28, 2006 9:27 PM



Message: I received the chaise lounge cushion that was resewn to fit our original order.  I'm very happy with the umbrella and cushion, but I don't feel I should pay full price for the cushion b/c I had to wait a month for the cushion to be repaired.  Diane Peterson



Hello Diane,

Thanks for your email and let me start by saying I am glad to hear you are happy with the cushions and umbrella. At times we do make mistakes as we did with your chaise length. Completing a repair actually takes longer than making the original. The reason is simple; we must first bring the product back to the factory by UPS. With paperwork and all it took ten days to get your cushion back, approximate a week to correct the length and another seven days in transit counting the weekend. We paid for $34.14 shipping charges (both ways) and of course made necessary corrections. Unfortunately we do not offer any rebates in these situations.


Thank you




800 334 1502




Received 8/21/06


this is very long overdue, but just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the cushions. The color is perfect, the workmanship excellent--couldn't have been better. Many thanks for a great product and service.

Marcia Kent


Received 8/22/06


Have received the umbrellas.  They are beautiful!  I really do wish you had the fabric samples, however.  We want cushions now but I am a fabric sample girl so I am waiting to make sure what I have downloaded match the umbrellas and that I can then coordinate some other fabrics that you have for an outside upstairs and downstairs look that match/coordinate.  Thank you.  Sincerely, Trisha Ellmyer



Received 8/19/06


Hi Pete,


The cushions arrived yesterday - so quick!  They are beautiful, fit well and make the old patio furniture look terrific!  We're very pleased.



(note Patti's cushion is the blue cushion with yellow flowers on our first page. The fabric was purchased by Patti and shipped to us)




Received August 14th, 2006



     Just letting you know we received our new cushions today.  They are perfect; we're really happy with our purchase!

     Thank you for the quick service!



Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 6:44 AM

> Ok Christine, we can do. Enjoy your weekend.

> Thank you

> Pete

> www.patio-furniture-cushions.com



> Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 12:28 AM


> Name :Christine Nielsen

> Message :Hi! I just ordered 3 cushions in Style #2244 Large Club, in  Fabric D402 Calista Cabernet. Could we change the buttons to "Bone" color instead of "White"? Thanks and have a good weekend!



Received Aug 8 2006

Message :Dear Pete:

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of my new cushions!  They arrived approx.
one week after placing my order - sooner than I could have hoped for!  They have made my 15+ year old patio set look brand new.  The fabric is gorgeous and the cushions feel wonderful - what great back support.  I wish I had found your website years ago.

I especially want to thank you for your expertise and advice when I talked to you about what I needed.  You recommended modifying a standard size, rather than paying for a custom size.  What a pleasure to talk to someone with many years of experience; I will recommend you to anyone I know that needs replacement cushions.

Thanks again for an easy and pleasant shopping experience.  We have enjoyed our patio every night since the cushions arrived.

Best Regards,
Diane Nixon

PS: If you have any idea where we can buy replacement feet for our Winston patio set, we would love to hear from you.  They have a double plastic foot that inserts into the bottom of the chair legs (into a double tube).  Thanks!

Hi Diane, Thanks so much for taking the time to write a wonderful note, comments like yours always make my day. As for the glides you need you should try www.patioproducts.com they show many of these items on their website.



Received August 8th, 2006

Dear Pete,

The little red lumbar cushions arrived today and are precisely what I wanted! Gotta say, it is so rare to find a man who actually keeps his promises that I think your Dottie is one lucky girl! These are exactly, exactly right and arrived in perfect time before our Alaska trip, just as you said they would. Oh, well done! Many thanks, kiddo - Best regards, Lori Jahn

From: "Pete" pete@patio-furniture-cushions.com

Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2006 4:43 PM

> Hi Lori,

> Good to hear from you, I will take care of the toss pillows, I know

> exactly what you want.

> Thank you

> Pete



> Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2006 2:32 PM


> Name :lori jahn

> Message :Dear Pete, I'd like to have a couple of toss pillows in vivid

> red, maybe 10x20, softish polyfill (not foam), to put behind one's

> back on those teak chairs you made so beautiful with nice yellow

> cushions. I don't find any price - could you quote me price and

> delivery time soonish? Regards to you and Dottie, Lori Jahn



received July 28th, 2006

the cushions I ordered have arrived and I am very pleased with the size

and the fabric is beautiful. Thanks so much. Carol


Received July 20th, 2006


The cushions for my spring rocker came today.

WOW -- they are magnificant -- they look great!!!!

Thanks for your help,

Mary Ellen :


Received July 17th, 2006


The cushions arrived. I haven't opened them all but so far great.  I will open them all and take a picture after my vacation.  The dining chairs, which were my big concern, are fabulous.

I'll give you this kid, you know cushions!  It's rare to find someone who lives up to what they claim.

<p class="M

HI Mary,

You cushions left the factory on Friday, you will have them
this week.

Thank you



Red'd 1/15/07

Name :John

State :Wisconsin

Message :Thank You very much for the prompt reply on my
order. We love the cushion looks very beautiful


REC'D 1/3/2007

Hey Pete,
We got the patio cushions 4 days before Christmas, perfect
timing for our Christmas Eve party... they fit perfectly, the material
is exactly what was wanted...my wife is so happy! Many guests
commented on the cushions, which was a perfect oppurtunity to
spread the word of your wonderful products and services, which
we'll continue to do to anyone that sits down around the outdoor
Many Thanks:
Scott Crossley

Rec'd Dec 13, 2006


I just received my recent cushion and pillow order and I could
not be more delighted!! Your company was able to make custom
cushions to my exact specifications and deliver them exactly
three weeks from the date of my order. This was especially
crucial to me because I ordered them the day before
Thanksgiving and needed them in time for Christmas day

The cushions and pillows came with 12 days to spare!! The
Barbados Apricot fabric is precisely as pictured on the website
and the quality and attention to detail is just perfect. I could not
be more pleased.

I want you to know that this is the first time that I have ever written
or e-mailed a company to rave about their products. You have a
customer for life!! Special thanks to you for the prompt and
courteous personal service and for the terrific cushions and pillows.

Warmest regards,

Randi Milsap

Rec'd 11/29/06
The cushions have arrived!  They are perfect and wonderfully
comfortable!!  The quality is outstanding.  I cannot believe you
were able to make them from my tracings!  My husband wasn't
too sure because the pattern I drew was at best primitive. 
Thank you for a quality product.  Will definitely order more
cushions this Spring.  Trisha
recd 11/27.06
Pete:  The cushions arrived yesterday and I am very pleased. 
Thank you for all your help.
Jeanne Strong
Recd 11/25/06

Message :Hi,

We received the custom cushions you made for us and they
are beautiful! We know where to go for our furture needs.
Thanks so much! Helen Gritsch

Rec'd 11/18/06


The cushions arrived yesterday and they are beautiful!  It has been a
pleasure to order from you and to receive the cushions just 10 business
days after being ordered.  The Infinity-Redwood fabric coordinates
beautifully with the brick of our house.  I am very pleased.

Thank you for such a pleasant experience,

Anne T. Thorpe

Recd 11/15/06
Hi Pete,
My navy 5 inch cushions just came UPS today.  I couldn't be
happier.  Thank you so much for your timely service.  I hate to
rub it in, but they will be much appreciated in the next few days. 
Today was a beautiful 85 degrees.  Happy Thanksgiving!
Julia Vander Ploeg

recd 11/15/06

I just got them! They are beautiful and they fit perfectly. Thank
you so much for your help. And for making the fast 'turn around.'
I'm impressed!

Mary Hitch