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Sent: Saturday, October 03, 2015 12:13 PM

Pete, we got our cushions today, they look very nice and fit well. After we break then in for a few days I'll send you a picture. Thanx for getting them here before our company arrives on the 14th. Stephen

From: Nancy Meier Sent: Monday, October 05, 2015 9:48 AM Hi Lindsay... Thank you so much the cushions are great.thank you again.

Hi Pete!  Thank you so much for having the cushions there in perfect timing!  They arrived with one day to spare, as you had promised, so thank you for your efficiency!  The party was a complete hit; with about 40 women, food & margaritas! 

I’m so glad I found you b/c when I’m ready to replace my other cushions, you are the man I will call!  I loved the look & the color.

Thanks again, Pete.    You are THE MAN! 

Jennifer H. Marsh

Senior Account Executive, August 12, 2015


Date: 08/25/15 20:57:10

To: Lindsay@BH-HP.com

Subject: RE: beyond our expectations!!


When we started looking for cushions for our extra large chaise lounges, we didn't have much hope in finding anything close to what you and your company made.  They are exactly what we wanted.  "The stripes all line up" comes out of my husbands mouth!!

Again, thank you for a great job!


John and Terri

 rec 7/24/2015

Hi Pete,

Received my cushions yesterday and they are perfect. Just want to thank you for getting them to me before the Bridal Shower (less than 2 weeks). You are awesome and I am a very happy customer...

Maria Mosesson


Date: 8/3/2015 10:20:04 PM

To: Lindsay

I’m sorry I’m just now emailing you regarding my order, but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for expediting our order to reach us before the arrival of our guests.  The cushions arrived in time and fit our set beautifully.  I’m so impressed with the fit and superior quality of these replacement cushions.  We, along with our guests thoroughly enjoyed many evenings sitting out on the patio during their stay.  Thank you again for coming through on this delivery, I know these will last for a long time – they may even outlast the chairs themselves, but I won’t hesitate to re-order if/when the time comes, and would highly recommend your company to anyone looking to purchase replacement cushions! 

Thank you again, 
Margie Maxwell

 From: Giovanni

Date: 7/15/2015 11:19:58 PM

Subject: RE: Your order has shipped

Sorry for this delayed response, but we were away while the umbrella was delivered. We just picked it up from our neighbor who kept it for safe keeping and it looks great. I’m extremely satisfied with its quality, especially the tilt mechanism and cloth color/quality.



 Date: 7/20/2015 10:06:46 AM
Subject: Re: Your order has shipped
Thanks Lindsay they arrived Friday and we love them. Regards,




From: Barbara Lecuona
Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2015 11:22 AM
Subject: Re: Your Cushion Order Has Shipped!

Hello Lindsay,  

I wanted to let you know that the cushions arrived yesterday and they are perfect!  Our weather is not very nice right now, but I will send a picture soon. Also, I thought I could get away with not replacing two other sets of cushions, but now I must!   

Can you help me with a color match?  I would like to do a solid color if there is one that matches the darker stripe in this order?  If there is one, can you let me know what it is, and then I'll get the dimensions of my other chairs.  Thanks very much for such great service! 

Have a Great Day! 
Barbara Lecuona


Date: 7/22/2015 3:11:53 PM

To: Lindsay@BH-HP.com

Subject: Re: Your order has shipped


Hi Lindsay... I was away on vacation and 

Just got home to see the cushions... Just 

Want to let you know they came out great.. 

And the fit is perfect... Thank you 

Kim Rothenberg


Date: 7/20/2015 8:14:39 AM

To: Lindsay@BH-HP.com

Subject: Re: Your order has shipped



We received the cushion on Friday and they fit perfect.  Not only that, but they look amazing and definitely make our chairs more comfortable and welcoming.  I appreciate all of your help in making this possible.


Rob Pryor



I just received my new cushions for my Miramar patio furniture.  They are
fabulous!  The cushions are well made and fit my furniture perfectly.  They
are much nicer than the cushions that had originally come with the set when
we bought it 5 years ago.  The colors look beautiful with the backdrop of
the lake.  Thank you for your excellent service.

Lori Borgen 5/30/2014

 Hi Khristina - the cushions arrived and they are just perfect. And what quality!!! Thank you so much. You and your company were so helpful and so communicative. If you ever need a customer reference you have it. Carol Estrella 


The cushions arrived and they all fit perfectly! I am extremely happy with your company's work.They look really nice. Also I was very impressed with how quickly you were able to complete my order.


Thank you so much for all your help. Please tell Pete that I said thank you.
Maria Neel

 Carol Meinke's VCF from your webpage.

What great cushions! After 3 summers of use, they are still like new. They dry quickly after a rain, and they fit snugly on our chairs. We would have had to buy a new set without these beautiful new cushions! Thanks so much,
Carol and Gary Meinke

My cushions arrived and they are gorgeous and love them!!!

 I will tell everyone about your company!!!
Thank you again!! 

Cathe Green
Texins Lake Texoma Club

 Hi Khristina...

Sorry I am so long in writing to you, but want you to know that the cushions were delivered last week. I am very happy with them. They fit perfectly and are of excellent quality and workmanship. My little patio has a whole new, bright look. It was very nice working with you.

Have a great summer,
Maureen Niemczyk


 Just wanted to let you know how wonderful the cushions are. I love them! Great craftsmanship!!!! We will be using your company again!

Thanks so much! Our dogs are not even allowed to look at the patio furniture lol!

Sent from the
iPhone of Mrs. Lisa S. Barker

 Thank you Kristina,

We went to pick up the cushions.
Very good quality.
Its the perfect fit for our outdoor furniture.
Thank you for everything
Julie Belanger and Denis Robert Elias
Sherbrooke, Quebec

Date: 4/24/2012 
Hi Khristina,
Sorry I haven't responded sooner.
Yes, we received our new cushions on 4/17 as you had indicated.
In spite of the fact that these replacement cushions were more expensive than we were had first predicted, we are thrilled with your product. The quality, look, and fit is fantastic!!
We will recommend you to friends and family, and will be in touch with you in the future.
Thanks so much.
Regards, Mario and Donna


 Hi Khristina,

The cushion shipment arrived today. They look great on my chairs. I am very pleased. Thank you for your help and guidance during the ordering process. I'm also happy to receive the order in 2 weeks as promised.

Thanks again, Diane


 Dear Khristina,

Wow! The steamer cushions are lovely and they fit perfect on the chairs. I cannot believe how fast you were able to make them and send them to me. We are looking forward to the summer so we can relax so comfortably in our back yard.

Kind regards,
Gina Skey


I just wanted to let you know that I have received the replacement cushion that you sent and to thank you for such wonderful service. I was so disappointed when one of the beautiful cushions that you sent was damaged but one phone call to you took care of the problem with absolutely no problem. Now I'm a happy camper. The new cushions are truly lovely and they make a huge difference on my patio. Your customer service is quite commendable and very rare these days.

Thank you,

Pamilla Beeson


Rec'd 6/9/11
Donna Swanay's VCF from your webpage.
I just picked up my cushions for my front porch furniture. I absolutely love them!! I had no idea how much better my house would look with updated furniture cushions. Do you save my measurements for future orders?
We sure do Donna!

Rec'd 9/10/10
Hey Ya'll!
I just got my FABULOUS new cushions for the chairs that I bought form Grandin Road. Loved the chairs, not their cushions....But, Ya'll had the perfect thing. I am sending you a picture so you can admire your handy work. The oooos and ahhhhs are pouring in with every visit from friends. Navy is my signature color...so the cushions are a hit! Thank you so much for getting them here so fast and also a Big Thank you for sending them Fed-Ex. When they deliver things I am assured that the packaging will be in great shape and, hence forth the items inside. Not so with 'other' carriers. I can not tell you how pleased I am with the cushions!!!
Thank you so much!!!
Georganne Williams
Panama City, Florida 

Our customer Robin has a problem and communicated
to us after
receiving a email with the following in the
subject line. Please read the communication between us.
Would you like to have “perfect” cushions
for your patio furniture?

Dear Pete:

Just a little FYI -- 

I don't mean to be a party-pooper, but as nice LOOKING as my cushions were,
I guess I wouldn't call them "perfect" and here is why... My Brown Jordan set
has very deep, boxy cushions.  Brown Jordan's cushions retain their shape
and stiffness for a long time, whereas my PFC cushions feel softer, a little
under-stuffed, and as result, look floppier now than they should. Everything
else was good, but I think they should have been firmer/ stiffer/ maybe a
different core.

 The thinner cushions you made for my other patio sets are GREAT.


 From: PETE
Sent: Aug 16, 2010 1:32 PM
To: RobinJareaux 

Hi Robin,
Well I cannot let you go on thinking we are not perfect so we may have
to send you foam and batting to re-stuff the cushions. Sometimes the
grade of foam or batting will vary in density and unfortunately we can't
see the variance when the product is new. The only way we find out is
when someone sends us an email or calls. Is it possible to send a picture
of one of the cushions and also let me know which order, I believe it is the
Antique beige with Kona Welt and vice versa.
I remember some of these are are vacation homes so if necessary we can
do this after the season ends.
Please let me know so we can be perfect again!!
Thank you,
From: Robin
Date: 8/16/2010 8:00:42 AM
Pete, your relentless pursuit of perfection is a most appealing
quality. Yes, I will take a photo for you... thanks so much

Aug 2 2010

My cushion order arrived safely and I must say the turn around time was
 nothing short of exceptional!

The cushions look fantastic and I look forward to spending many hours
relaxing on the porch on our glider enjoying them. Thank you all for such
quality service and product. Attached is photo of our glider with the new
Feel free to share with your customers.
Thank you,

June 15th, 2010

Hi Khristina,

I was surprised and delighted to see the cushions being delivered
Saturday morning – way ahead of schedule! Please tell Pete how
glad I am with the product and the service. I don’t think I ever
ordered anything custom made that delivered within one week
– you guys are amazing!

Thanks again.

April 22nd 2010
Hi Pete, I am really late for work, but the most important thing
I had to do today was send you a note to tell you I got my
cushions and....THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I cannot
believe how great they look! I am so excited to put them out
on the deck and show them off.  I have wanted to use this
furniture for years and  now we've done it! Thank you so much
for all your help and the beautiful job you did.  I told my kids
they were too nice for teenagers...they could use the plastic
stuff, and they just looked at me with shocked faces!  Just
kidding....I might let them sit on them one day out of the week!  
Will send pictures in the near future to show you how pretty
they look!   I am telling everyone how fantastic you are. 
Thanks again   Deb Ryba
From: E.Carmack
Date: 4/15/2010 7:58:02 PM
got my cushions today. They look great and are nicely made. Thanks for
all your help! 
Ernestine Carmack 


Rec'd 8/31/09
Thanks Pete for all of your help in ordering my glider cushions.  The glider
is from at least the 1930's and had  an irregular shape.  You  were a lot of
help.  The cushions came quickly.  The materials and construction
were A++++.  I couldn't be more happy with them and I would recommend
this company to anyone.  Thanks again.

Jennifer Luntzel

Let me just say my chaise lounge cushions are beautiful.  Every seam
is perfect, every welt evenly spaced, the cushions firm, and the fabric
matched perfectly to the other pieces I had.  Your work is impeccable. 
 It’s rained the last week, so I have been unable to place the cushions
on the teak chaise lounges…but the minute it dries up and gets sunny 
 I will take a photo for your website.  Needless to say…they are perfect.
Now to get to the next set of business.  I need 8 dining cushions – 3” thick, 
I’d like to cover them with antique beige with a natural welt.  
Thanks loads,
Margie Foster, happy customer


Rec'd 7/10/09

Hi Pete,
We just got the cushions today and to say we're thrilled would be an
understatement!  They are GORGEOUS, not to mention very well made,
thick, durable, superior craftsmanship.  We could not be happier with them. 
Thank you for all your assistance and advise in the process - we will refer
all our friends and family to you!
Warmest Regards,
Doug & Valeigh Davis
Photos below

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Hi Wendy and Pete-
I just got back from our lake house and had to let you know how WONDERFUL
the cushions look!  Thank you so very much!!!  I have told everyone I know about
you and your fabulous cushions!  The new cushions make our beloved old lake
house look so fresh and charming ... thank you again!
I am actually planning to purchase a few more cushions ... I find myself looking
at any cushions we have and thinking how great replacements from you would look! :)
I will be in touch soon!  Thanks again!
My best-
Patti Carver

rec'd 3/22/09

Received the new foam and it has made a big difference.  Thank you so much.  The
high level of service you have provided is rare and very much appreciated.  Attached
are pictures of the old and the new. 
Thanks again.  Charlene


Rec'd 3/4/09

Hi Wendy,
I never got a chance to thank you for filling our order so quickly and for sending us the beautiful cushions.  We were really surprised at the quality of the craftsmanship and didn’t think it would match up to the original Lloyd Flanders quality – but now we feel as if we have a brand new patio set.  With a little spray paint – and your beautiful cushions – our backyard is a welcoming haven for us and our guests.
Thanks again!
Donna Lockhart


Rec'd 7/31/08

Received Order #PA54590, wrought iron chaise cushion.  FANTASTIC product and service.  Will certainly use again AND recommend PATIO-FURNITURE-CUSHIONS.com to all my friends.
Jeanette Hoover

Rec'd 7/20/08

Pete and Wendy,
I wanted to share the pictures of our new cushions with you.The fabric is beautiful, the cushions so comfy and craftsmanship outstanding! They completely changed the whole look of our backyard. We just love them!
Thank you,
Debi Molina
P.S. Photos can be seen in the photo section.

Rec'd 7/21/08

I received my chair pads and they are wonderful!  Thanks so much!  I will definately recommend you to others!  Susan Lake

Rec'd 7/20/08


The cushions arrived yesterday?less than two weeks after I ordered them.  They are beautiful and are a perfect fit.  Your company is an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Thank you,

Susan Clay


 Rec'd 7/15/08

Pete, I have attached a few photos of the new cushions on the wrought iron sofa. Not only do they fit perfectly, they are attractive (Sandona Kiwi fabric livens up the screened-in porch) and comfortable ? quality workmanship all around. Once my mother decides on another fabric, we will be ordering replacement cushions for the 4 remaining chairs that have tired old cushions on them.

I will be spreading the word about your company.  Thanks again for all your help and talking me off the ledge when it came to figuring out the dimensions!!!  I truly appreciate your delivering and billing 2 separate addresses as well as the quick turn around time ? 1 week from order to delivery. Fantastic!

Beth Grubbs

Pictures can be seen in the photo section


Rec'd 7/15/08

Hi Pete,
The cushions arrived Friday and they are beautiful. Thanks for an excellent product.

Rec'd 6/20/07

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DELIVERING SUCH BEAUTIFUL CUSHIONS. They are PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! We had a party over the weekend and several people asked me for your email address.

Thanks again for such wonderful service.


Amy A. Potter


I had my doubts about ordering cushions unseen but they have arrived and I'm so pleased! They are exactly what I wanted and fit perfectly. Thanks so much for your help.




Received June 7th 2006


Well, m'dear, they have splendidly arrived and
been greeted with glad cries of joy! I really
love the new cushions, and we can finally bring
the new chairs out onto the deck decently-dressed.
Thanks for your persistence in achieving the
mutual goal of getting us off your back and the
cushions in our hands. Great work, just what we
wanted!   Best regards, Lori Jahn



Message :Dear Pete:

I am so extremely pleased with your customer service, quality of work and the
delivery of my new cushions. I called you on Tuesday, April 18, 2006 to place
an order for (7) cushions for my outdoor furniture. I also told you that I was
having a party and hoped that they would arrive by May 12th and you did say
that it would be close and I understood that especially since I was working
with a tight time frame. Well to my surprise, on Tuesday, May 2nd they arrived.
(that is (2) weeks from the day that I called to place the order). They are beautiful,
comfortable and most of all, it looks like I have a completely new set of furniture.
I am so excited about the service that I received and I just wanted to share it with
you, your staff and any new customer's that are wondering about the quality of
 your work and business. I will be sure to send my friends or anyone that I know
who needs new cushions to you.

Thank you so much!

Pam Ryder

e size

REC'D 9/16/06

Pete, Thank you for forwarding the two
missing cushions. I appreciate your
integrity in following up and taking
care of the matter in a timely fashion.



Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2015 12:18 PM


I received my cushions yesterday. They came out perfect. They are better than the originals.


Bobby Halbardier



 Date: 6/6/2015 6:17:49 PM


To: Lindsay@BH-HP.com

Subject: Re: Your order has shipped



They arrived and I LOVE THEM!! :)




From: Pat Wagner
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2015 6:16 PM
Subject: RE: Your Cushion Order Has Shipped!


                The cushions arrived today and were installed, they fit perfectly, in fact the fit is better than the originals especially the pillow backs and the workmanship is exceptional. Thank you for your help and communication on this project it was very professional from beginning to end. The property manager and the district manager were both very pleased with the outcome. Thank You!

Pat Wagner

Assistant Operations Manager

Outlets at Anthem